Henning Christiansen

Mediterranean Music Water LP

“Mediterranean Music Water (Mare nostrum in moedium terrae) op. 203”, a never before issued tape composition, belongs to a body of work embarked upon during the 1980s and 90s connected to Sicily, the other most notable and available being “Op. 201 L'Essere Umano Errabando, La Voca Errabando”, issued by The Henning Christiansen Archive in 2020. These works were an extension of Ursula and Henning Christiansen’s meeting and befriending the Sicily based couple Carlo Quartucci and Carla Tatò, with whom they regularly visited and collaborated.

Like its predecessor, the aforementioned Op. 201, “Mediterranean Music Water op. 203” is a conceptualization of abstract theatricality at the connection of place and its relationship to the sea. Performed by Ursula Reuter Christiansen and Henning Christiansen and recorded at a small performing arts theatre in Erice, Sicily - Teatro Gebel Hamed - during December of 1991, the abstract for this work reads: “In the morning (after the storm), on the beach. The sea has thrown some things on the beach. Blue light - some mist? On the ground. Ursula's slides on the wall. Henning is rolling from the background of the stage slowly, very slowly, towards, in a fish net. I come in looking for the things the sea has left and discover him. I roll him out of the net, he's nearly dead, and try to get life in him. Light in the background in rainbow colours. Ursula wears a partlett dress, as a siren.”

These images lay a foundation and context for the sounds that emerge over the album’s two sides, a fascinating conjunction between the power of water and the human spirit. Through the processing of heavy delay and reverb, we encounter the howling utterances of violin tones, vocalizations, and countless unplayable instrumental and non-instrumental sound sources, gathering in a vast and sprawling serious of sonorous expanses that seem to echo the power, movements, and myths tied to the Mediterranean.

Pressing info:
350 copies, screen-printed sleeve, 16 page book

Henning Christiansen

Schafe statt Geigen / “Verena” Vogelzymphon LP

"I have worked together with sheep before" - says Henning Christiansen - introducing the performance he did in front of the Brucknerhaus in Linz in July 1988. But this time he went beyond, building a "Concert-Castle" with hay blocks where thirty sheep could perform music. Another time the animals - Christiansen’s obsession and passion - become the musical instruments used for his compositions: "Originally most instrumental sounds derived from animal voices or other sounds of natural phenomena. The violins, for instance: someone found out that stretched intestines, dried bowels, could produce a sound. This has simply been civilized, refined".

Schafe statt Geigen (Sheep Instead of Violins, 1988) and “Verena” Vogelzymphon (Bird Symphony, 1990) first appeared as a small CD edition issued by Galerie Bernd Klüser in 1991. Both works, each one occupying a full side of this LP edition, extend from one of Christiansen’s long standing conceptual strategies - deploying recordings of animals as stand-ins for musical instruments, sheep and birds respectively. While each work allows these sources to take the natural lead, at times masquerading as field recordings, both feature subtle tonal and electronic interventions by the composer, creating strange and brilliant compositions which shift the terms and subjects of music as they were long understood. Accompanied by a twenty page booklet featuring drawings and texts by Henning Christiansen, as well as pictures of the performance by René Block.

"The background, the space where music happens is what I want to put into the foreground."

Pressing info:
second edition of 250 copies, 20 page photographic book

Andrea Penso

Ad Invisibilia LP

An effort in ambient minimalism with touchstones of contemporary electroacoustic practice as well as legendary 1970s and '80s Italian LPs like Giusto Pio’s “Motore Immobile”, Franco Battiato’s “M.lle le Gladiator”, and “Antico Adagio” by Lino Capra Vaccina, “Ad Invisibilia” was composed and recorded in numerous villages across the expanse of Italy - (Rocca Malatina in the Apennine Mountains; Ostuni in the deep south, close to the sea; Traversella, Chiara and Fondo in Val Chiusella, a valley about 1,000 meters above sea level in the north-western Alps - between 2014 and 2020. When departing into the process of its creation, Andrea Penso posed himself a series of conceptual prompts and questions: “Making the invisible visible? Through the contemplation of sound, in sound. Are these sounds spiritual exercises? Are they perhaps prayers? What is essential is invisible to the eye?”

The outcome, slowly evolving over the course of six years, developed into a series of subtle works in shimmering tonality and texture, intertwining acoustic and electronic elements with processing and field recordings, ranging radically in their duration from under two minutes to nearly nineteen. Remarkably beautiful and introspective - appearing as fascinating meditations of place and states of mind - each of Penso’s compositions feels like an effort in understatement: how to gain the most meaning from the sparsest and most constrained means, accomplishing a striking sense of abstraction without fully existing a groundless in imagism drawn from a very real world.

"What one cannot talk about, one can, and indeed must, sing and make music, if one cannot be silenced"

Pressing info:
Limited edition of 100 copies, gold etched sleeve, insert printed on 28 gsm paper

MP Hopkins

Coupla Triples LP

Coupla Triples is a collection of two recordings made by MP Hopkins in 2014. The first piece, Spins, Groans, Tones, was previously self-released as part of a CDR/chapbook edition, while the second piece Waves, Feedback, Thoughts, has remained unreleased until now.

Both pieces were created using a simple compositional method, in which random word prompts were selected from a list of sounds and ‘interpreted’ in an immediate manner with only basic recording equipment - a microphone, a tape loop, a voice recorder and an amp. Three sounds, twice. Arranged carelessly but carefully. A coupla triples, nothing fancy.

Recorded and mixed on the land of the Gadigal people, Sydney, 2014.

Pressing info:
200 copies, black vinyl, A2 poster

Pygmy Unit

Signals From Earth LP

Blending Native American references into a body of sonority that draws on free improvisation, experimental electronic music, and spiritual jazz, Pygmy Unit’s “Signals From Earth” - originally self-released by the band in 1974 - forges a singular and almost entirely unknown path, and stands almost entirely on its own in the history of west coast American jazz.

First appearing on the San Francisco scene sometime during the early 1970s, almost nothing is know about the Pygmy Unit, a seven piece band steered by Darrel De Vore, who contributed flute, bass, percussion, piano, and vocals to the band's lone LP, first appeared with percussionist Terry Wilson within the psychedelic folk rock band, The Charlatans, who belonged to the legendary Family Dog scene. Jim Pepper, a Native American tenor saxophonist known for being a member of the Mal Waldron Quartet, played with Charlie Haden, Don Cherry, and numerous others, and produced the cult favourite, “Pepper's Pow Wow”, for Embryo Records in 1971. John Celona, who contributes parts on sax, synthesizer, and percussion, would later go on to be regarded as an electronic composer of some note. Of the remaining members, saxophonist Frank Albright, bassoonist Ron Grunn, and percussionist Marvin Kirkland, very little else is known. It seems this LP is more or less all they recorded.

While undeniably jazz - riding a remarkable line between avant-garde electronic music, spiritual jazz, and free improvisation - the band was very much a product of the diverse creative ferment that developed in their hometown of San Francisco during the 1960s. Embodying the raw spirit of DIY (many of the instruments used in the recordings were made by DeVore himself, self-described as an “itinerant flute-maker”) the ensemble channels references - via passages of chanting and percussion, as well as conceptual underpinnings - from Jim Pepper’s Native American roots, intuiting them with the soulfulness of spiritual jazz, wild moments of avant-gardism centred around synths and electronic effects, and explosions of wild free improvisation.

“Development of new music is a continuous path that grows directionally according to psychoacoustical phenomena available for unification. This record is evidence of that development, containing 12 performance pieces, at 12 separate times in different acoustical spaces with various combinations of musicians and instrumentation. The music is shaped by signals, received and sent by life forms on this planet. It is unwritten, unrehearsed, utilizing new and traditional approaches to energy, motion, and form. Eventually, music develops as a natural extension of the environment in which it exists. It is the aim of the traditions… to signal the universe from the Earth.”

Pressing info:
500 copies, black vinyl, includes two booklets / replicas of original DeVore's publications

Delivery Health

SuperDeluxe! 2xLP

For more than a decade, Giovanni Di Domenico, Jim O'Rourke, and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto have been coming together in various combinations - duos, trios, and larger ensembles - slowly becoming one of the most noteworthy, understated collaborations in the landscape of experimental sound. In 2015, the trio recorded a brilliant LP entitled “Delivery Health” ‎for Silent Water, laying the groundwork for an enduring project that adopted that album’s title as its name, debuting properly in 2017 with the stunner “Hard Off”. Over the years since, we’ve encountered Di Domenico, O'Rourke, and Yamamoto playing together in Bonjintan, their project with Akira Sakata, and in further collaborations with Eiko Ishibashi and Joe Talia, not to mention O'Rourke and Di Domenico’s prolific work as a duo.

Of course, O’Rourke needs little introduction. Initially emerging in Chicago during the late 80’s and based in Japan since the mid-2000s, for more than three decades he has carved a relentless path through the field of experimental sound, creating a body of work - hundreds of albums deep - that refuses any form of stasis and obligation to genre or idiom. He is an artist driven by a singular quest, his endless curiosity driving him to constantly forge into uncharted, visionary realms. Slightly younger but nearly as prolific, Di Domenico - Italian born and Brussels based - has constructed a striking solo practice over the last two and a half decades, bridging numerous forms of improvised and electroacoustic music, all the while rigorously working within various ensembles - Abschattungen, AufHeben, Bonjintan, Cement Shoes, etc. - and an endless stream of collaborations. Among the most noteworthy drummers currently working in Japan, over the last decade and a half Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, in addition to his many efforts with Di Domenico and O'Rourke, has collaborated steadily with noteworthy figures like Otomo Yoshihide, Phew, Eiko Ishibashi, Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa, and Akira Sakata, as well creating a body of solo works.

Like its predecessors, “SuperDeluxe!” rides a beautiful line between striking singular creative ambition and accomplishment, and simply feeling like a free-wheeling conversation between friends who have relinquished their egos and presumptions out of a deep sense of mutual respect. The album is a kind of retrospective rewind, comprising five documents recorded live - between 2012 and 2014 - at the legendary SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, by Masahide Ando, then mixed by Giovanni Di Domenico, and finally mastered and cut by Frédéric Alstadt at Angstrom Mastering, Bruxelles. Taking us deep into the very beginnings and previously unheard activities of Di Domenico, O'Rourke, and Yamamoto, the trio weaves a knotted tapestry unfurling as sheets of sound, that sidesteps signifiers and the expectations that one might have of each of these artists on their own. Ranging from brisling ambient passages drawing on latent melodic flirtations, heavy jams on guitar, drums, electronics, and keyboards, and outright, full throttle noise, each moment represents a visionary excursion into the depths of experimental, improvised sound, revealing a shocking sense of real-time dexterity from each player, as much as the collective whole experiments in improvised sound.

Pressing info:
300 copies, black vinyl, b/w insert with Japanese text on colored paper + obi

James Rushford

Block Gifts LP

Block Gifts is a collection of three works for organs composed by James Rushford between 2015 and 2018. Using harmonium, portative organ and electric organ, each piece is linked by Rushford’s idiosyncratic combination of strict intervallic systems in different tunings (Werckmeister, quarter-tone, equal temperament), and haptically-informed rhythmic and expressive freedom. Creaks, stutters and sweeping fingers on keys become instrumental sounds in their own right, creating a further logical layer in Rushford’s compositional world.

An intimate, nocturnal, and slightly suffered dialogue between the instrument and the body building a shining and fragile monument to the ephemeral nature of the organ, one of the most intriguing and ancient families of musical instruments in history.

Mixed by Joe Talia, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, cut by Daniel Krieger at SST, Frankfurt am Main. Composed and recorded 2015-2018 at Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart), California Institute of the Arts (by Sam Dunscombe) and Chinatown Studios, Melbourne (by Joe Talia). Cover artwork and fold out poster by Graham Lambkin.

Pressing info:
300 copies, black vinyl, fold out A2 poster

Jean-Yves Bosseur

Musiques Vertes LP

First ever vinyl reissue of Jean-Yves Bosseur's visionary LP “Musiques Vertes”, recorded by the legendary French ornithologist and wildlife field recordist Jean-Claude Roché, originally issued by Atelier 82. Utilising handmade instruments constructed from plants and other natural materials, played by a collective of children and untrained musicians, its radically experimental sounds build a revelatory bridge between the avant-garde and ancient forms of folk.

Jean-Yves Bosseur is a relatively obscure figure in the history of the French avant-garde. A student of Henri Pousseur and Karlheinz Stockhausen, as well as a close associate of Knud Viktor, he belonged to the legendary collective Groupe d'Etude et Réalisation Musicale GERM, widely celebrated for their realization of Terry Riley's Keyboard Study 2, issued by BYG / Actuel in 1970.

The “Musiques Vertes” project began in South East France during the late 1970s, spearheaded by Christine Armengaud, who was investigating, via elderly people in the region, a long tradition of musical instruments made with organic materials and plants. With their help, she was able to construct 240 instruments, collected in her book “Musiques Vertes”, published in 1978 by Christine Bonneton éditeur, that had long been used for bird calls, dancing, toys of young shepherds and children, and much more, but had been lost to common usage following the First World War.

In 1980 the Direction de la Musique awarded the composer Jean-Yves Bosseur a grant to start a collective practice of music using the instrument constructed / reconstructed by Armengaud. Rather than working with professional musicians, he chose to use locals and children he encountered in Aix-en-Provence between 1981 and 1982. The Musiques Vertes album is the result of hours of practice and recording by these players, in each case, within the album 11 musical excursions, utilising a series of instructions or games set up by the composer in an attempt to create collective musical exchange, as well as a dialogic exchange between this practice and active listening within a natural environment.

While the acoustic practises that underscore Musiques Vertes display a deep resonance with those embarked upon by artists like Akio Suzuki, Toshiya Tsunoda, and Jeph Jerman, the structural resemblance, held deeply within utopian avant-garde principles, falls far closer to experimental electronic works that might have emerged from experimental electronic studios like Groupe de Recherches Musicales or EMS, or subtle object oriented efforts in free improvisation. Bubbling textures and atonalities, blended with sounds from the natural environment, intermingle with staggering birdsong-alike tonalities and rattling percussive passages, producing striking moments of abstraction that retain a remarkable sense of humanity and ease. A document of pure sonic magic and stunningly organic creativity.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, 20 page booklet

Tongues of Mount Meru

Naga Mountain 4xCD Box Set

Lasse Marhaug and Jon Wesseltoft have collaborated in a variety of projects over the years, but started the Tongues of Mount Meru duo back in 2008 as a collaboration to pursue their shared interest in sustained and closely calibrated sounds, and the phenomenological impact they have on the act of listening. They started recording a session each year from 2008 to 2011 in Oslo utilising harmoniums, organs, shruti boxes, oscillators, and computers and accumulated a large pool of material. Some of that material wound up on tapes and vinyls over the years, but they kept the hour-long pieces with an intended major future release in mind. These pieces are now collected in this monumental 4 disc box set.

Clocking in at the total of over 4 hours, with over 10 years in the making, this music was crafted with a clear intent to influence its listeners sense of time and mental colour analogous to the music’s stringently, and at times claustrophobic, unfolding narrative. Slowly blooming clusters of wave interference kaleidoscopic blending together with lower frequency binaural pulse patterns. It is as if light has been pitched down, and its oscillating and shimmering coating of gradually shifting overtone cycles opens up and crashes down again into the ocean of waves continually churning around its own time axis.

Drawing upon their joint interest in minimalism and long-form music, raga theory and electro-acoustics, Marhaug and Wesseltoft conjures up a focused power of both beauty and unease to deeply establish a state of hypnotic attentiveness. The result is a hallucinatory and intense set of finely tuned and tectonic long-form pieces, and is a must for anyone even remotely interested in any form of sustained sounds, and its impact on the mind.

Pressing info:
200 copies, black cardboard box set with gold print

Alessandro Bosetti

Plane/Talea 31-34 2xLP

Since a few years Alessandro Bosetti has been collecting voices that become part of the Plane/Talea archive. The creation of the archive stems from dozens of individual meetings and recording sessions, in which each voice is detached from its owner or originator and anonymized. With each new iteration and performance, Bosetti plays the archive as if it were an instrument. He searches for hidden details and correspondences through exploration, immersion and contemplation. Each re-activation of the archive results in a dense and swarming polyphony made up of thousands of short utterances - shorter than any word bearing a meaning - recombined and interwoven into complex textures. The particularity of the grain of Plane/Talea lies in the autonomous and darting life that each of these fragments lives in a teeming community of voices. Such polyphonies are rich in microtonal detail emerging from the incessant juxtaposition of vocal objets trouvés. Harmonic relationships are sometimes rough and chaotic, other times surprisingly just. The voices are never treated electronically but only recombined and musical tension is provided by the particular grain, inflection, energy of each one of them in counterpoint to the others and to a frugally used instrumentarium (Harpsichord, Ondes Martenot, Cristal Baschet, grand piano, analog synth, Hammond organ). Implicit reference goes to ancient, modern and postmodern forms of vocal polyphony. "Plane/Talea 31-34" - the continuation of the homonymous 2016 LP - is a work of sampling that projects an imaginary community and a disembodied choir. The four arching and extensive tracks were created between 2017 and 2018 and bear the trace of two specific moments: August nights in a country house in Vicobarone, in the hills of Piacenza (31-32) and a week-long residency at the "Studio Venezia", an environment created by French artist Xavier Veilhan in the French pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale (33-34).

« Encounters of this sort did happen, with the voice still clinging onto its own origin, and then seen, as it were, coming out of the original mouth and caught saying other things, with a slightly different intonation, a slightly different timbre, maybe due to a little aging, an extra cigarette, a cold. At that point we would come out unsettled, or maybe convinced that it was not the same voice anymore, but another. »

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble

Music for Angela Davis LP S/Sided

During our long friendship and incredibly prolific collaboration with Hartmut Geerken - who sadly left this planet on October 21, 2021 - he never ceased to surprise us. He lived many lives, traveling the world as an employee of the Goethe Institute, playing with other incredible musicians, and being smart enough to record most of the concerts he did. His archive is in fact full of treasures, and any conversation with him could lead to the rediscovery of unheard master tapes preserving true music gold. It was during one of these conversations we had at his house - while searching for pictures to be used for the 50th anniversary reissue of "Heliopolis" - that he pulled the original score of "Music for Angela Davis No. 2" out of a folder, saying with a smile: "Let's see... I should have the complete recording of this one"!

Recorded at Nile Hall, Cairo, on December 4, 1971, "Music for Angela Davis" is a 24-minute composition that encounters two full ensembles - respectively conducted by Geerken himself and Hubertus Von Puttkamer - playing simultaneously without listening to each other, rising and falling within a brilliant and structurally complex expression of call and (non) response. Collective improvisation in its most heightened and sophisticated form.

As described by Geerken in the liner notes: «One of my attempts with the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble was my time-related, but timeless composition “Music for Angela Davis”. I divided the ensemble into two groups of roughly the same size, each with a conductor, and both groups played simultaneously, according to the different hand signals of the conductors, without one group reacting to or considering the other. The only two tone sequences consisted of the musicable notes of the name Angela Davis, i. e. a-g-e-a and d-a s. The composition was an attempt to get together in society through the medium of improvisation and a protest against the racial measurements of the American governments.»

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Akira Sakata and Giovanni Di Domenico

And Life Also Same LP+7"

A mind-blowing collaborative artefact from the long-standing partnership between the seminal Japanese saxophonist Akira Sakata and the Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Di Domenico.

Born in 1945 and trained as a marine biologist, for decades Akira Sakata has stood at the forefront of Japanese jazz and improvisation, first emerging during the early '70s as a member of the Yamashita Yosuke Trio, before venturing out as a solo performer, recording widely and collaborating with a vast number of distinguished players from the global scene.

Giovanni Di Domenico, currently based in Brussels, over the last two decades has emerged as a definitive voice, bridging improvised music and advanced forms of electroacoustic music, producing a discography of critically heralded solo efforts, and intimate collaborations with Jim O'Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Arve Henriksen, Alexandra Grimal, Nate Wooley, Chris Corsano, and others. His collaboration with Sakata began during the 2010s and has since produced nine releases with numerous configurations and line-ups.

While most of Di Domenico’s recent releases have veered toward the electronic and electroacoustic realm, "And Life Also Same" - stretching across a full LP and a 7" - refreshingly encounters him returning to his roots as an absolutely brilliant pianist. Recorded in May of 2018 at Studio 107, Radio France, both players are in top form, firing out complex arrangements and clusters of tonal interventions that collide in a stunning display of conversant artistry, ranging from restrained passages within which Sakata delivers beautiful primal vocalizations backed by the patterns of Di Domenico’s notes, to full on hard blow free jazz fire.

Cover illustration by Ciro Fanelli.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Mette Rasmussen and Pak Yan Lau

Traditional Noise LP

A collaboration between two up and coming stars of experimental music - Mette Rasmussen and Pak Yan Lau - offering glimpses of probable futures of improvisation.

Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophone player based in Trondheim, Norway, who first gained attention as a member of Trio Riot, before increasingly branching out as solo artist, working with the likes of Alan Silva, Chris Corsano, Fire! Orchestra, Tashi Dorji, and Ken Vandermark. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from free jazz to textural soundwork, Rasmussen’s practice delves into the exploration of the natural rawness of her instrument and its capacity for expression, with and without preparations.

Based in Brussels, Pak Yan Lau is a sound artist, improviser, musician, and composer. Over the last decade, she has developed her own singular sonic universe blending acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic approaches and working both as a vocalist, as well as with prepared pianos, toy pianos, synths, electronics and various sound objects across a number of solo efforts, in addition to live and recorded collaborations with Chris Corsano, Akira Sakata, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Rie Nakajima, and Darin Gray.

Recorded in Antwerp during late 2017, "Traditional Noise" features Rasmussen on alto sax, preparations, objects, voice, and Lau on toy pianos, synth, sampler, modified wok, typatune, and electronics, locked in an evolving, conversant sound expanse that pointedly avoids the explicitly musical as the two artists bristle against each other, delivering textural and tonal interventions defined by careful restrain and space.

Cover drawing by Virginia Genta.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble

Heliopolis LP

One of the great projects in Egyptian jazz, the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble was formed by Salah Ragab and Hartmut Geerken as an avant-garde offshoot of the Cairo Jazz Band - the first jazz big band in the country - formed in 1968 when Ragab was appointed chief of Egypt’s Military Department of Music and had at his disposal a vast staff of musicians (almost three thousand!), an entire military building, and a full range collection of musical instruments. When encountering this recording, issued in 1970, the deep resonance found between the ensemble and its American counterparts becomes startlingly clear. Heliopolis is a stunning blend of big band spiritual jazz, the music of the Middle East, and the fire and energy of free jazz, unveiling a deep creative resonance with the contemporaneous efforts of Pharoah Sanders, Phil Cohran, and - of course - Sun Ra, combining jazz instrumentation and musical style with indigenous melodies and instruments to create a musical object with few parallels. The album is a throbbing, squealing, wild journey through the creative heights of sound channeling swirling, focused artistry that taps future and past in a single blow.

Copies of the original pressing are between the rarest and most sought-after records in canon of recorded jazz. This is the first ever authorized repress released under license from Hartmut Geerken.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black, 6 page foldout booklet

Horrid Red

Radiant Life LP

After years apart, Horrid Red return with their fourth LP, Radiant Life. Twelve tracks of their unmistakable blend of exotic kraut-punk, dreamy psychedelic tunes, Neue Deutsche Welle, industrial jangle, muffled drum machines, and decadent synth-pop.

Recorded in San Francisco, Aachen, Los Angeles and Madison between 2019 and 2020 by core members Edmund Xavier (Glenn Donaldson), Bunker Wolf (Karsten Scholl), and Clay Ruby (of Burial Hex) – with William P. Produced by Edmund Xavier and Clay Ruby. Mastered by Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her, Second Family Band).

Pressing info:
100 copies on red, paste on cover image

Available in the US by Soft Abuse Records.

Michael Zerang

Assyrian Caesarean LP

Chicago-based percussionist Michael Zerang presents his first solo recording after a long career as an exploratory musician and composer. Recorded and mixed by Matt Bordin in the woods at (the new) Outside Inside Studio, the album features a range of approaches to percussion that Zerang has developed over the years, including the use of vibrating drumhead surfaces, expressive friction passages, multiple timbre percussion, and straight up trap-set drumming - all infused with a rich sense of melodic, rhythmic and textural innovation.

Zerang has performed and recorded with some of the most adventurous artists of his era, including a fourteen-year stint with The Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet, Joe McPhee’s Survival Unit III, and an extended collaboration with drummer and percussionist Hamid Drake. Frequent collaborators also include cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, pianist and synthesist Jim Baker, bassist Kent Kessler, trumpeter Axel Dorner, along with an ever-widening pool of international improvisors. He also recently began performing with the experimental Middle-Eastern super group Karkhana - with Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, Maurice Louca, Tony Elieh, Sam Shalabi and Umut Çağlar.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Hüseyin Ertunç Sextet

A New World 2xLP

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate having met Hüseyin Ęrtunc during his terrestrial transit. After we reissued his wonderful album Mûsikî (privately released on Intex Sound in 1974) and a few collaborative albums with the Konstrukt collective, in 2017 we finally managed to invite him, Doğan Doğusel, Cem Tan and Umut Çağlar to play some shows in Italy as a quartet. Things got really complicated when their visas got rejected - one week before their plane was scheduled to take off - but we found a stalwart supporter of free jazz music at the phone when we contacted the Italian Embassy with a tiny bit of hope and (incredibly) we got the visas in time so we could spend a whole week with Hüseyin and his band, touring Italy and playing four shows of the best spiritual free jazz we heard in a long while. 

Right after that, we took the chance to book a recording session at the good old Outside Inside Studio where our loyal partner Matt Bordin captured on tape two days of improvisation by Hüseyin Ęrtunc (Fender Rhodes electric piano, Philicorda organ and chant), Umut Çağlar (percussion and bamboo flutes), Doğan Doğusel (double bass), Cem Tan (drums), joined for this special occasion by the Jooklos Virginia Genta (tenor and sopranino saxophones, clarinet, flutes), and David Vanzan (percussion) leaving an incredible musical document, not only for the fact that - unfortunately - it was Hüseyin's last session on this world.

"Most of Ertunç’s recorded appearances have been on drum set, where he’s employed a massive and materialist cymbal approach that takes Sunny Murray’s explosive chatter as a lifting-off point. Ertunç waxed one LP as a leader in 1974, Mûsikî (with then-regular partners Michael Cosmic and Phill Musra, issued on the tiny Intex label), and returned to Turkey in the early 1990s. Ertunç’s playing, relentless as it might be, evinces a strident, swinging quality that reaches back decades. His pianistic approach is rooted in the outpouring of voluminous, allover rhythm in concentrated shards. One might first think of early Cecil Taylor, though another Boston resident is also worth mentioning – Jaki Byard, who could move from barrelhouse to crepuscular romanticism and dense chordal superimpositions at the drop of a hat. If he and Ertunç didn’t necessarily work together, their spirits are kindred." (Clifford Allen)

Pressing info:
300 copies on black


Bloppin' 7"

To be considered a twin release of the previous For Ornette 7". The single consists of two more short tracks - taken from the same Hayyam session - where the five-piece goes bebop, building some rhythmic and harmonic complexity filled by solo virtuosisms of core-members Korhan Futacı (saxophone) and Umut Çağlar (electric guitar).

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


For Ornette 7"

Two short tracks (out of four) taken from the same Hayyam session which gave birth to the contemporary Oryantal EP. Two funky shots dedicated to the memory of the one and only Ornette Coleman. Some real intense (double) drumming animating a full-band jam on side A, while the B-side of the single consists of a nervous duo of saxophone (Korhan Futacı) and drums (Berkan Tilavel).

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


Oryantal 12"EP

Istanbul based multi-instrumentalist Umut Çağlar founded the Turkish free jazz band Konstrukt at the beginning of 2008. Since then the band went through many line-up changes and collaborated with with the likes of Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, William Parker and Keiji Haino, continuously evolving its sound.

The band is currently formed by Çağlar, Korhan Futacı, Apostolos Sideris, Erdem Göymen and Berkan Tilavel and this EP - recorded at Hayyam Studio in Istanbul in 2017 with two drummers and a double bass player on board - shows a more melodic and groovy side of the band. The session explores their rhythmic roots with the use of traditional instruments such as bendirs, tefs and double reeds, trying to carry these sounds to the future with the help of electronics.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Four Horsemen

Nada Canadada LP

The Four Horsemen was a sound poetry group of Canadian poets composed of bpNichol, Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton and Steve McCaffery. The group started performing in 1970 and quickly moved from radical improvisation to the use of a notational system - with an effort to develop a scoring method adequate to the group's dynamic and visceral sound show - designed to give them even more freedom of expression. The group became then a living workshop with regular weekly rehearsals leading to the best refined group-conceived and group-written compositions. The excitement generated by composing and performing poetry separately is magnified when these acts are in conjunction. Nada Canadada - nine outbursts of controlled madness dedicated to the memory of Hugo Ball - is one of the highest examples of poetry as product of a community.

"The number of words we still use in our poetry comes as somewhat of a surprise to us, especially in the light of this album. Strictly speaking we cannot call what we do sound poetry if by it is meant that poetry which has its basis in non-verbal, vocal, and sub-vocal elements of sound. Nor are we into the electronic ramifications of sound in any sense beyond doing a record. We are in fact reluctant to pin the aesthetic continuum on which we operate to the first wall available. Still, perhaps the best name for what we do is what it always has been – poetry". (Rafael Barreto-Rivera)

Pressing info:
250 copies on black


For Seun Matta LP

Featuring some of the most innovative players from Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul, Karkhana met for the first time in Beirut in 2014, bringing together influences from the three major experimental music scenes of the region and beyond. Through their live shows, the band's seven multi-instrumentalists build a transcendental atmosphere developing what could possibly be called free Middle Eastern music. Shades and traces of shaabi, tarab, sufi and much more are heard in the distinct blend of free jazz and psychedelic krautrock they've created.

Recorded and mixed by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio - in only two days - and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering Studio in Chicago, For Seun Matta is the first studio album by the band, following Nafas (Omlott, 2016) and Live At Metro Al-Madina (Sagittarius A-Star, 2015). Featuring Sharif Sehnaoui on electric guitar, Sam Shalabi (The Dwarfs of East Agouza) on oud and electric guitar, Maurice Louca (The Dwarfs of East Agouza) on organ and synth, Umut Çağlar (Konstrukt) on zurna, gralla, bamboo flutes, and percussion, Mazen Kerbaj on trumpet, Tony Elieh on electric bass, and with the recent addition of Michael Zerang on drums.

"I wish I could track down more of this tantalising outfit's music to share...This Middle Eastern supergroup first got together to celebrate the music of Egyptian surf guitarist Omar Khorshid – who was also a key figure in Oum Kalthoum's orchestra – but their remit has expanded somewhat and now they're fully committed to outer-perimeter explorations in Krautrock-leaning, cosmic free jazz" (John Doran, The Guardian)

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500 copies on black

Henning Christiansen

Hesteofringen 10"

On January 30, 1970 Henning Christiansen and Bjørn Nørgaard - a figure nearly radical as Christiansen himself - hit the Danish national consciousness when a large portion of the Danish population watched a TV broadcast performance piece in protest to the Vietnam War. Hesteofringen (The Horse Sacrifice) features the work Min døde hest (My Dead Horse, 1970) OPUS 55 for piano, voice and violin (green), a beautiful haunting fragile song featuring a poem written by Bjørn Nørgaard and performed by Lene Adler Pedersen, accompanied by Nørgaard and Christiansen on piano and (green) violin. Laden with metaphor, this beautiful, sad lullaby, is as simple and unusual as anything in Christiansen’s output.

Released in collaboration with the Henning Christiansen Archive.

Pressing info:
350 copies on black, embossed lettering


Etymology (I, II) 7"

Primorje is the most recent collaboration between Giovanni Donadini (Ottaven, Fantamatres) and Matteo Castro (Lettera 22), focusing on the use of the 4 track recorder as their only instrument. Tape loops, field recordings, dub echoes, damaged beats and downgraded tempos creating two short, minimal and slithering compositions.

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100 copies on black

Lasse Marhaug / Jon Wesseltoft

Nature Lovers LP

Norwegian musicians Lasse Marhaug and Jon Wesseltoft team up for a computer duo. Pretty abstract but not too noisy computer music this. Marhaug is well known in the field of noise music but has frequently drifted into other areas such as improvisation and jazz, contributing throughout his career to well over three-hundred releases, and also publishing the amazing fanzine Personal Best under his own imprint Marhaug Forlag. Jon Wesseltoft is a multi-instrumentalist actively performing in a wide variety of projects, shifting from acoustic sources to electronics. The record features five dynamic but strict tracks recorded in 2016 at the best studio in Oslo, edited and mixed by Wesseltoft.

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200 copies on black

Henning Christiansen

Stone-song 2xLP

A one-hour performance presented in 1990 at the 8th Biennale of Sydney (The Readymade Boomerang: Certain Relations in 20th Century Art) where time is being scanned and animated by matter and where the genius of Henning Christiansen - with fellow artist Bjørn Nørgaard and Ken Unsworth, to whom this performance is dedicated - establish a deep dialogue with the nature (of sound) watching the time, stone on stone, being at the same time actors and audience of its ephemeral and violent manifestations. What time is it? Is it what time? Time is it what?

Released in collaboration with the Henning Christiansen Archive.

Pressing info:
350 copies on black

Squadra Omega

Nervoso LP

The Squadra Omega teams up again revealing itself in the shape of a trio composed - exactly as for the session which gave birth to Il serpente nel cielo - by OmegaFrank (drums), OmegaG8 (bass, electronics) and OmegaMatt (guitar, organ, sax and electronics).

An improvised session recorded live by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio, where the Squadra goes nervously FREE - constantly suspended and harmonically non resolved - following a trail of skilled atonal jazz rock guitar tunes leading to moments of dazed electronics. Definitely not an easy-listening album, wonderfully rendered by a masterful cut made by Daniel Krieger at SST in Frankfurt. For fans of early ECM records. Cover artwork by Re delle Aringhe.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black

Henning Christiansen

Schafe statt Geigen / "Verena" Vogelzymphon LP

"I have worked together with sheep before" - says Henning Christiansen - introducing the performance he did in front of the Brucknerhaus in Linz in July 1988. But this time he went beyond, building a "Concert-Castle" with hay blocks where thirty sheep could perform music. Another time the animals - Christiansen's obsession and passion - become the musical instruments used for his compositions: "Originally most of instrumental sounds derived from animal voices or other sounds of natural phenomena. The violins, for instance: someone found out that stretched intestines, dried bowels, could produce a sound. This has simply been civilized, refined".

Schafe statt Geigen (Sheep Instead of Violins, 1988) and "Verena" Vogelzymphon (Bird Symphony, 1990) first appeared as a small CD edition issued by Galerie Bernd Klüser in 1991. Both works, each one occupying a full side of this LP edition, extend from one of Christiansen's long standing conceptual strategies - deploying recordings of animals as stand-ins for musical instruments, sheep and birds respectively. While each work allows these source to take the natural lead, at times masquerading as field recordings, both feature subtle tonal and electronic interventions by the composer, creating strange and brilliant compositions which shift the terms and subjects of music as they were long understood. Accompanied by a twenty page booklet featuring drawings and texts by Henning Christiansen, as well as pictures of the performance by René Block.

"The background, the space where music happens is what I want to put into the foreground." (Henning Christiansen)

Released in collaboration with the Henning Christiansen Archive.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black, 20 page photographic book

Maria Monti


There was never anyone like Maria Monti. Knew for her renderings of Italian popular songs, she is an Italian singer and actress with a noteworthy career: cabaret singer in the ‘60s, ambitious avant-garde folk artist in the ‘70s, and starring in films by directors as such as Sergio Leone (Fistful of Dynamite) and Bernardo Bertolucci (1900).

IL BESTIARIO - a prime example of the avant-garde art-song of the 1970s - is a near perfect emblem of the fascinating territory gained through collaboration. It enlisted the radical poet Aldo Braibanti as its lyricist, features arrangements and synthesizer from Alvin Curran (Musica Elettronica Viva), the baritone saxophone of Roberto Laneri (Prima Materia), as well as the soprano saxophone of jazz legend Steve Lacy. The result is absolutely stunning, musically unique within the respective outputs of its participants’ long and noted careers.

Pressing info:
First edition – 500 copies on black, 16 page booklet with lyrics and translations
Second edition – 500 copies on black, 16 page booklet with lyrics and translations
Third edition –
250 copies on black, 16 page booklet with lyrics and translations

Akira Sakata / Manuel Mota / Giovanni Di Domenico / Mathieu Calleja

Jomon LP

Japanese saxophone transgressor Akira Sakata meets with his long-time collaborator and Fender Rhodes virtuoso Giovanni Di Domenico, Portuguese guitarist Manuel Mota, and drummer Mathieu Calleja for a session recorded at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels.

Named after the Jomon period of the Japanese prehistory - when Japan was inhabited by a hunter-gatherer culture rich in tools, clay pottery, and jewelry made from bone and stone - the record features three tracks: Jomon (縄文), Kaen (火焔), and Dogu (土偶). The Dogu (literally: "clay figures") were small humanoid and animal figurines made during the Jomon period for religious purpose: it may have been believed that illnesses could be transferred into the Dogu, then destroyed, clearing the illness, or any other misfortune. The record itself is a musical healing ritual invoking and unleashing a powerful demon with Sakata's throat singing, then slowly hypnotizing it in the second half of the album, putting it back into its vault before it's too late. Beautiful artwork made with Sakata's hand-painted Kanji characters.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black

Konstrukt and Alexander Hawkins

Live at Cafe OTO 2xLP

Istanbul-based free music ensemble Konstrukt perform alongside special guest Alexander Hawkins building the perfect groove in a sweaty Cafe OTO on August 10th 2015.

Two sets from the same night, each a 40 minute long improvisation. First set is a psychedelic warm-up where the Turkish quartet welcomes Hawkins in a whirlwind of hypnotic funky tunes going electric in the Miles way. The second set starts with Hawkins piano keys bouncing along a silent background soon to be filled with a groovy odd drum tempo leading to a wall of sound where all parts build a perfectly unpredictable dialogue.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


Molto Bene CD/LP

In Summer 2015 A L’ARME! Festival invited Konstrukt to perform with William Parker and we teamed up with Matt Bordin of Outside Inside Studio to invite the quartet to play two shows in Italy on their way to Berlin. Plans overlapped leaving two days off spent playing with no interruption at Matt's studio in Montebelluna and capturing four incredible tracks.

Now, Konstrukt are well known for their many collaborations with key players and real giants of worldwide jazz scene, but – once again – having the chance to listen to the music they produce when they play "alone" is something special. Their tribute to the past is paid with every single tune they play, but what we hear in these recordings is something that we can only describe as "new music".

Pressing info:
CD 300 copies / LP 250 copies on black

Henning Christiansen

Musik Essayistik 2xLP

Henning Christiansen (Copenhagen, 1932 – Isle of Møn, 2008) was a Danish composer and an active member of the Fluxus movement. He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and at the more liberal Ex-School (Eks-Skolen) embracing soon its radical approach in study and creation of art and developing his own musical thinking. In 1962 he attended the George Maciunas’s International Festspiele Neuster Musik in Wiesbaden, where he probably experienced an epiphany that caused a significative shift in his artistic practice and musical composition.

Musik Essayistik is the combined reissue of twin releases Fluxyl (1983) and Fluxid (1984) – two of the most obscure and enigmatic records in Christiansen's discography – previously issued separately by Borgen Records in Denmark. Four minimal pieces exploring the clash between instrumental composition-improvisation and pre-recorded real sounds.

Released in collaboration with the Henning Christiansen Archive.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, embossed Green Ear on front cover

Hüseyin Ertunç / Doğan Doğusel / Cem Tan / Umut Çağlar

Gümüslük Sessions: At Lon's 4xLP Box

Recorded over two days yet retaining a continuous, immediate vibe, the Sessions feature a stirring quartet with Ertunç on piano, Doğan Doğusel at double bass, the young drummer Cem Tan, and Umut Çağlar - a stalwart of the Konstrukt group - on reeds and percussion.

"In the caliber of multi-album statements like Taylor's Nuits de la Fondation Maeght (Shandar, 1969) and string instrumentalist and composer Alan Silva's Seasons (BYG, 1970), Gümüslük Sessions: At Lon's stretches out texturally and conceptually, although there's a loose, homegrown informality unique to these musicians' orbit (partly attributable to the dry, open recording quality). The initial marathon pace relaxes into nattering trails and the full ensemble falls away to reveal spare duos and trios over the course of eight sides. Ertunç's piano ebbs as zurna, flutes and bamboo reeds, auxiliary percussion and voices draw out the music's connection to folk forms, as well as the interleaved East-West textures of Yusef Lateef and the AACM. As 'out' as the music gets, there's always a center in Ertunç's keyboard approach; moreover, his linkages with the pliable, allover percussive buzz and thrumming pizzicato create a constant burble of jabbing movement. This is a clunky, Monkish swing or a playful push-pull, rather than the 'tinka-tinka-ting' of bebop. Concentrated, unflagging and incredibly spiritual, Ertunç, Cağlar, Doğusel and Tan have convened to structure an incredibly personal artistic document that speaks to the universal possibilities of freedom." (Clifford Allen)

Turkish liner notes by Volkan Terzioğlu.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black, colored carboard box set, printed inner sleeves

Hüseyin Ertunç Trio

Mûsikî LP

Released in 1974 as a private press LP on Intex Records, this cosmic free jazz improvisation by this legendary trio guided by Hüseyin Ertunç - on drums - with his then-regular partners Michael Cosmic and Phil Musra - on saxophones and additional percussion - reveals the primitive and physical approach of the trio, with Ertunç's massive cymbals drumming building a carpet of trance-driving vibe where the reeds can freely dance without any structure.

"A new world of improvisational freedom opened up for me when I first heard drummer Huseyin Ertunç's 1974 LP Mûsikî (Intex), with reedmen/multi-instrumentalists/brothers Phil Musra and Michael Cosmic. Ertunç returned to his native Turkey about twenty years ago (and performs with the Konstrukt collective), but Musra - this tune's composer - now resides in Los Angeles and, as regular readers of this blog know, is still active in music. Although I initially assumed that Mûsikî and Musra's companion LP The Creator Spaces were recorded at the same session, in truth Mûsikî was recorded months earlier. The Creator Spaces is a bit more spacious than Ertunç's date, though both are quite intense documents of self-produced and spiritually-directed improvisation. Knotty and weird, there's a folksy unhinged-ness that really spoke to me in a way quite different from Albert Ayler, the AACM, and other music I was spending time with when I dropped the needle on the trio's debut album. Ertunç's percussion work really shocked me and it's still absolutely fascinating, and Cosmic's organ playing behind/around Musra's tenor is just...something else." (Clifford Allen)

Pressing info:
400 copies on black

Arrigo Lora-Totino

Toccata vocale / Ursprache 7"

Working at the vinyl release of the Trio Prosodico we had the chance to meet Arrigo Lora-Totino and to go with him through his archive of reel tapes and unreleased material, bumping into these two pieces belonging to a completely different nature compared to the ones we were acquainted with - less "acting" and much more "exercise" - where the voice is stressed to its limits in two opposite ways. Toccata vocale is a boiling chorus of short vowel sounds - like hiccuping bullets of a jammed machine gun - while Ursprache is a creepy flow of stretched growling voices ending with a multilingual echoing scream.

Pressing info:
100 copies on black

Ghérasim Luca

Théâtre de bouche LP

Ghérasim Luca (Bucarest, 1913 – Paris, 1994) was a Romanian-Jewish poet, co-founder and theorist of the Romanian Surrealist artists group. Harassed in his country, after World War II and a local exile he finally moved to Paris through Israel in 1952. His work on French language - characterized by the stammering effects described by Gilles Deleuze - attains its highest degree of expression during the public reading of his writings thanks to the whole-body work.

Théâtre de bouche, recorded on 21 February 1984 at Studio Sofreson by Rémi Goux and originally appeared as a cassette included in a special book edition published in 1984 by Criapl'e (Le Soleil Noir), highlights all axiomatic human torments. This edition, second volume in a series of sound poetry releases coordinated by Luca Garino, comes in a deluxe edition featuring the complete recording of the entire text by the author, and the reproduction of a drypoint drawing by Micheline Catty which was originally included in the limited book edition.

"Ghérasim Luca was the man who relentlessly pushed language toward its limits, which he transmuted from a mere instrument of representation into an extreme style of intensities. Luca knew how to stammer not just words, but language itself." (Gilles Deleuze)

Pressing info:
250 copies on black, embossed lettering

Alessandro Bosetti

Plane/Talea LP

The cycle of compositions collected under the title Plane/Talea reflects my interest in vocal polyphonic music. They envision an "impossible choir" constructed through the sampling of thousands of fragments and pieces of voices, my own and those of others, and their recomposition into polyphonic garlands and textures. This cycle can be intended as the utopic sonification of an impossible community in which the voice is atomized into primary particles and later reconstituted into sonic masses and clouds. These are too dense and complex for a chorus of real human beings to sing. The music of Plane/Talea" is the sonic projection of such a community. The voice is not processed or altered in any way but subjected to molecular reorganization. Theoretically, a hyper-chorus could sing material of this type but, perhaps fortunately, such a choir does not yet exist. Up until now, in the process of creation of my vocal music, I've kept two poles and influences in balance: that of madrigalism in its late renaissance and contemporary incarnations and that of hyper-polyphony, which is close to spectral music. Though not ever having actually written in one or the other of these two styles, I've always felt this unresolvable and fertile tension in my work. (A.B.)

Recorded, composed and mixed by Alessandro Bosetti at GMEM (Centre National de Création Musicale in Marseille). Additional recordings by Attila Faravelli at Spazio O', Milano. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, embossed lettering

Konstrukt / Peter Brötzmann / Hüseyin Ertunç / Doğan Doğusel / Barlas Tan Özemek

Eklisia Sunday LP

Recorded live in front of a small audience on May 15th, 2011 at Eklisia - an old chapel built in the 17th century in Gümüşlük, a small village near Bodrum - this improvisation features the Konstrukt collective - which is Korhan Futacı (tenor & soprano saxophones), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar), Özün Usta (double bass, djembe, gong, bells), Korhan Argüden (drums) - incredibly enriched by the presence of Peter Brötzmann (on tenor), Hüseyin Ertunç (acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong), Doğan Doğusel (double bass, küstüfon) and Barlas Tan Özemek (electric guitar). The result of the combination is simply marvelous, because Brötzmann's unique phrases perfectly match with the sound of what confirms to be a well-coordinated collective.

The Turkish free jazz outfit Konstrukt might be considered the most evolved improvisational band working in jazz today. Founded, not in the hotbeds of jazz, London, New York, Chicago, Wuppertal, or Krakow, their isolation is the key to their success. Well, isolation and observation. (Mark Corroto, All About Jazz)

Pressing info:
350 copies on black

Hartmut Geerken

Orpheus LP

Fantastic sound poetry piece by Hartmut Geerken restringing the Sun Harp, the Ukranian bandura that Sun Ra gave him in 1971 when he visited Egypt for the first time. The acoustics of his manual workings emerge without any esthetic intention: the bandura's voluminous resonating body forms the reverb of the room. Each manual action and each contact of the tuning key with the wooden body is 'reverbed'. The instrument creates its audio space. A mythic dream play is evoked: the myth's space of reverb. An ear ready to absorb, hears the labor pains of voice and string ahead of language and music. A human voice in search for language and thus for communication. A string instrument in search for sound and thus for music. Based on this phonemic pre-space, words do rise only sporadically. Through certain techniques of vocal chords the phonemes move close to the meditative Indian Dhrupad-singing, as well as to lunacy and disturbance. Animal languages, signals, shepherds' calls, silvered drum-language, hamboning, calls, litany, subconscious voicings, sirens: the search for Eurydike and the search for the origin of letter and syllable, out of the breath.

Besides one single 'superimposition' no further mounting, no computer-generated sounds, no digital gimmicks, no remix or art mix do exist in this live-recorded dream play.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Arrigo Lora-Totino

Trio Prosodico LP

Arrigo Lora-Totino (Torino, 1928–2016) is considered one of the fathers of Italian sound poetry. He's mostly known for having curated the anthology "Futura: Poesia Sonora" (Cramps Records, 1978), where he collected the voices of the most interesting sound poets of the twentieth century, but also for being a key figure in the Italian experimental poetry. Active since the late Sixties, he gave more than 200 performances of “Gymnastic Poetry” and “Liquid Poetry” (using the Idromegaphone, a tool invented on purpose to let the voice sound through water) and a series of mimic declamations of avant-garde texts, from Futurism to Dadaism, Russian ‘Zaum, Expressionism, Surrealism, Lettrisme and Concretism.

This sound poem in six movements - performed as a vocal trio together with Sergio Cena and Laura Santiano - was recorded in 1976 in Torino at Studio di Informazione Estetica (S.I.E.) and is considered by the author himself one of his most important works. First volume in a series of sound poetry releases coordinated by Luca Garino, comes in a deluxe edition with the complete reproduction of the handwritten original scores.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black, embossed lettering

Virginia Genta

Rough Enough 7"

Virginia Genta is a self-taught musician who plays all saxophones (tenor, soprano, baritone, alto) mainly known for being part of the astonishing Jooklo Duo, the project she shares with drummer David Vanzan since 2003, often playing as a drums and tenor duo, but regularly including other guests evolving into new forms as Neokarma Jooklo Trio (or Sextet, Octet, Experience), Golden Jooklo Age, Jooklo Finnish Quartet, New Jooklo Age, and so on –

But - no matter how many musicians she's sharing the bill with - the sound of her saxophone is always standing out, clearly discernible, like an ear-massage that helps you discovering parts of your own auricle you didn't even know were there. And at last, for all those who always wanted to hear a solo recording of her, two short improvisations skillfully recorded at home by Riccardo Sinigaglia of Futuro Antico.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black

Joe McPhee Survival Unit III

Barrow Street Blues 2xLP

"This – says Joe McPhee – is the third and final iteration of a musical survival concept, which began in as solo project in 1969. Survival Unit III was formed in 2004 at the invitation for a recording date. Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang and I were members of the Peter Brotzmann Chicago 10tet and by that time, we had been working together for five years. So in preparation for the recording, a tour was organized but the recording was cancelled at the last moment. Left to our own devices and thanks to the tireless efforts of Fred and Michael, we play."

This record is a tribute to the memory of Ornette Coleman. For many of us, we are because he was, on many levels.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black

Konstrukt and Peter Brötzmann

The Message: Live at Kargart 2xLP

A meeting with the giant. In this live session recorded in 2014 the quartet's basic lineup reunites again with Peter Brötzmann, with whom they already teamed up recording the amazing studio album Dolunay (2008) and Eklisia Sunday (2011, also with Hüseyin Ertunç and Doğan Doğusel).

As the title says, we are all invited to listen to the message hidden in these rhapsodic vibes, where the energy of an elephant stampede is channeled into a coherent structure made of percussions (and the drumming here is mind-blowing since the very beginning!), electric guitar, double bass and two whirling - but still clearly discernable - saxophones.

Pressing info:
First edition – 200 copies on black
Second edition – 200 copies on black

Lettera 22

Legacy Map 2x7"

Four short compositions of the finest contemporary electro-acoustic concrete sound by this justifiably acclaimed duo consisting of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza.

Textured noise and field recordings manipulated with analogue tape creating a wall of distorted electronics, feedback and naturally reverberated ambient sound and quickly climbing it with a firm grip. This research is a chase to the shape of the "natural rhythm" hidden in the pulses of the machine, a skilled on-site observation of an ever-morphing landscape.

Pressing info:
150 copies on black

Maurizio Abate

Live at eLaSTiCo 12" S/Sided

Another wonderful live session by the multi-instrumentalist Maurizio Abate, captured by Ulrich Rois (Bird People) in 2014 during his exhibition at the old location of the art association eLaSTiCo - in the centre of Bologna - then mixed and edited by Maurizio himself.

To be considered a twin release of the Live from the border EP published in 2012, this single-sided release features a twenty-minute track building a ritual and meditative soundscape made with the processed sound of a hurdy-gurdy and a harmonica. Limited to 150 copies.

Pressing info:
150 copies on black

Hartmut Geerken / John Tchicai

Insistency! LP

Third - and sadly last - chapter of the archival recordings fixed on tape by Hartmut Geerken during his stay in Kabul in the Seventies.

Insistency! was recorded at the Goethe Institut of Kabul on same day of the duo session of Hindukush Serenade - May 22, 1977 - but sees also Maqsud Schukurwali and Ghafur Rasul - members of the Free Jazz Group Kabul - joining Geerken and Tchicai and playing an insistent anthem, featuring also an eight year old Olaf Geerken at congas. On side B, the music gets quieter and Tchicai finds the perfect moment to release his yelled, ecstatic chant - slowly turning into a hypnotizing song.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black, with a special limited edition of 50 copies including an extra 7" (signed, numbered and hand-stamped by HG) and a copper plate

Konstrukt and Akira Sakata

Kaishi: Live at Kargart 2xLP

A new chapter of the ongoing series of live recordings of the Turkish quartet Konstrukt, this time teaming up with saxophonist Akira Sakata, already a key character of the Japanese free jazz movement since the 1970s.

Recorded at Kargart in Istanbul on January 17th 2015, this seventy-minute long jam is one of the most psychedelic act of the band so far, with Sakata's growling shomyo-alike chant finding the perfect setting - like a snake charmer - in a jungle of constantly reinvented sound.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Arbre du Ténéré

La pelle del fantasma LP

L'Arbre du Ténéré, known in English as the Tree of Ténéré, was a solitary acacia that was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth, standing alone for over 400 kilometers. It was a landmark on caravan routes through the Ténéré region of the Sahara in Northeast Niger, until it was knocked down by a drunk truck driver in 1973.

La pelle del fantasma is the debut full length ot the duo composed by Maurizio Abate and Giovanni Donadini (Ottaven, Fantamatres) building a dialogue between open improvisation and armonic structures, moving from ambient soundies to a texture of soft psychedelia, trying to create a musical portrait of this special tree and its history, from the lonely past to the shape of today, a metallic sculpture which replaced it.

Pressing info:
150 copies on black

Ghédalia Tazartès

Il regalo della Befana 12" S/Sided

In Italian Folklore, Befana is an old woman who visits all the children riding a magic broomstick on the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany and filling their stockings with candies and presents if they were good, with coal if they were bad. Now, we really don't know how good you were last year, but together with Ghédalia we decided to offer a coal-black vinyl record to all those of you who will be fast enough to order it before it gets out of print. Each copy is numbered and carries the name of its owner.

Recorded in Paris in 1996, Il regalo della befana is a 23 minute long track conceived as a bonus track to the CD edition of une éclipse totale de soleil.

Pressing info:
200 numbered copies on black

Ghédalia Tazartès

5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine 10"

Vinyl reissue of this great tribute to the poetry of Rimbaud and Verlaine made by our favorite French sorcerer, who exceptionally abandoned his typical imaginary language to reinterpret six small poems in his own way, jumping from one musical genre to the other and happily letting them crunch together in a childish, enthusiastic play.

Recorded in Paris in his flatelier around the same time he recorded the wonderful Hystérie Off Music and previously available in an almost unnoticed mini CD edition published by the French label Jardin au Fou, it's now available in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent 45 rpm cut made by SST in Frankfurt.

Pressing info:
350 copies on black, embossed lettering

Konstrukt and William Parker

Live at NHKM 2xLP

Konstrukt recently shared the stage with such names as Evan Parker, Marshall Allen, Joe McPhee and Peter Brötzmann showing their great ability to adjust their instantly composed music to the presence of a guest.

And we can only say that this latest collaboration with the legendary American double bassist William Parker is another evidence of their prowess. The live recording of their show at Nazım Hikmet Kultur Merkezi, Kadıköy, Instanbul on September 12th 2014 produced this one hour long output of outstanding music with the use of a real arsenal of instruments. Four sides of pure spiritual fullfillment!

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce

Musica da camera oscura LP

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce is the solo project of Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies, La Piramide di Sangue) born with the aim to explore soundwise the Middle-Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

After two tape releases and a split 12inch, here's the debut longplayer recorded between home and the mountains with the participating help of Galilea Mallol between 2013 and 2014 and featuring companions Reverend F. Murphy and Mai Mai Mai in the side-long track Compendium Maleficarum. A caravan of percussions - lead by the haunting sound of the clarinet - wandering and dancing between the stands of a crowded market.

Pressing info:
First edition – 250 copies on black
Second edition – 200 copies on black


Live at Tarcento Jazz LP

Konstrukt is the free jazz revelation of the last ten years. This incredible quartet of saxophonist Korhan Futacı, guitarist Umut Çağlar, drummer Korhan Argüden and percussionist Özün Usta is blowing a real stream of fresh air, like the Art Ensemble of Chicago did in the Seventies.

This live multi-channel recording by Giulio Moratti captures their whole performance at Tarcento Jazz Festival (July 18th 2014) giving a perfect taste of their Cosmic–Turkish free jazz with an electronic touch - brought by the use of a Farfisa organ and tape echoes - that will help the listener building a stairway to the spaceways!

"Live at Tarcento Jazz" has been voted ALBUM OF THE YEAR for the category BEST NEW RELEASES 2015 by The New York City Jazz Record magazine.

“These guys are the real deal.” (Joe McPhee)

Pressing info:
First edition – 200 copies on black
Second edition – 200 copies on black

Squadra Omega

Il serpente nel cielo LP

This release marks the beginning of a long year for the members of Squadra Omega, since they decided to break the silence announcing three brand new records to be released in less than six months.

And first comes this two-piece jam recorded live at Outside Inside Studio, where we find the always evolving group reduced to three core elements - OmegaFrank (drums, xilophone), OmegaG8 (synth, bass) and OmegaMatt (sax, acoustic and electroacoustic percussion) - hauling their instruments in a free-form impro-ambient session frequently peaking with moments of free jazz, sustained by a skeleton of intense droning electronics, wonderfully rendered by an exquisite cut made by SST in Frankfurt. Cover artwork by Re delle Aringhe.

Pressing info:
250 copies (50 on clear blue haze, 200 on black)

Enhet för Fri Musik

Dokument 1: Improvisationer och bandmusik för vilt dansande själar LP

Arisen from the always surprising Swedish Underground (or - shall we say - undergrowth) this new unit - featuring members of Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Neutral, Makthavestan and Blod - gathered in the woods and recorded this music to make all wild souls dance.

A real gem. Folk unit mixed with tape music. Loose thin line between composed and improvisation or, as member Dan Johansson himself defines it: "quite sparse outsider anti-music". The Enhet starts where Ättestupa ended. Strictly limited to 150 copies, then looking forward to Dokument 2.

Pressing info:
150 copies on black

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza

Eroina LP

There are still so many treasures to be discovered out there, but once you find a gem like this you can definitely put the research on hold for a little while and give it a deep listen.

Recorded at Fono Roma in 1971, Eroina is a series of haunting improvisations - each one inspired by the effects of a different drug - made of whirling electronic glitches, skronky horns, pounded piano, funky drums and weird tape experiments delivering the best drone/spaced/drugged out free jazz performed by the legendary ensemble of Ennio Morricone, Mario Bertoncini, Egisto Macchi, Battisti D'Amario, Franco Evangelisti and Walter Bianchi. A timeless masterpiece available for the first time in a deluxe vinyl edition.

Pressing info:
400 copies on black

Ghédalia Tazartès

Hystérie Off Music LP

At the beginning, Hystérie off Music was conceived as a catalogue record, an open field where the author could play with all musical genres and their stereotypes, but then evolved rapidly into an uncompromising clash of field recordings, sampled instruments and Tazartès' incomparable vocal eclecticism, made of emotional psalms and shamanic hymns. The Encyclopédie of genres turns into a childish - and sometimes scary - play and the song titles mislead the listener introducing him to a completely new classification.

Recorded in early 2000s and released on CD in 2007 by the French label Jardin au Fou, it's now available in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent cut made by SST in Frankfurt - for the best listening experience of this cinematic electronic collage. A true movie for the ear.

Pressing info:
350 copies on black, embossed lettering

Vom Grill

Lerend Luisteren 7'"

Two tracks fitting the best format to choose when you have to capture the music of Dennis Tyfus, the Antwerp-based hyperactive artist who draws, paints, takes photographs, makes films, plays music, sings, creates books and magazines.

The A side of this single - Leren zwijgen - is an organ melancholic glitched song diving on a fanatical shrieking crowd. The flip - Lederen spelen - starts with a limping accordion and ends with a choral multi-track warped vocalization.

Pressing info:
100 copies on black

Konstrukt / Marshall Allen / Hüseyin Ertunç / Barlas Tan Özemek

Vibrations of the Day 2xLP

Finest free jazz from Istanbul meets the alto saxophonist who travelled the spaceways side by side with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, and that's quite a thing indeed. Konstrukt, the Turkish revelation of the last few years, becomes a sextet ganging up with guitarist Barlas Tan Özemek and drummer Huseyin Ertunç to create a percussion-based environment where all the elements cautiosusly contribute to a collective meditation and where two saxophones are free to dance into a dreamy parade. Recorded in 2010 and self-released in a limited CD edition, this expanded ensemble trip to the Other World finally gets its deserved double LP limited edition.

"Konstrukt has performed with the likes of British free jazz saxophonist Evan Parker, Dutch pianist Michiel Braam's Bik Bent Baam, Swiss saxophonist Jürg Solothurnmann and recently saxophonists Peter Brötzmann and Marshall Allen. To record with these jazz giants is, indeed, a stamp of approval and hopefully their message of liberating music can be heard by a larger audience. And lately, the band has had a bunch of impressive CDs in a row. Here's looking forward to more". (Mark Corroto, All About Jazz)

Pressing info:
250 copies (50 on clear red w/ yellow, white and black splatter, 200 on black)

Hartmut Geerken / John Tchicai

Hindukush Serenade LP

Remembering his old friend and the days when this live recordings were taken, says Hartmut Geerken: "When John came to visit us in Afghanistan and in Greece, where we lived in the 70's and 80's, my wife Sigi had to extend his bed always with fruit boxes. His height didn't fit into a normal sized bed as well as his musical dimensions were too far out to fit into the mainstream taste of the masses. It was wonderful to hike with him in the Hindukush mountains up the Salang Pass. Afghanistan was a very peaceful and hospitable country before the westerners destroyed this unique paradise".

We know that every time Hartmut Geerken unveil one of the many tapes he recorded and archived in the extraordinary life he spent travelling around the world it's an incredible gift. But listening for the first time after 40 years to these tunes, especially in the moment when John Tchicai stops playing and start his wild high-pitch singing...oh, that will really make you feel dizzy.

Pressing info:
250 copies (30 on blue, 220 on black), first 30 copies come with a screenprinted wooden plate (signed and numbered by Hartmut Geerken), a different color cover and blue vinyl


Salvatora LP

Salvatora is the second incredible album from this sextet from Cuneo actively researching in the realm of unstructured free jazz from 2008.

Since then, the group grew more and more by adding new elements and enriching the sound with new thing echoes inspired by the likes of John Coltrane, James Brown and Miles Davis. This last session in particular - mixed and mastered in 2012 at Blue Record Studio by Mano Moccia - sees a more active participation of the electronic instruments, rejecting traditional jazz rhythms in favor of a Bitches Brewesque rock influenced improvisational style. And who does not love that sound of an electric piano?

Pressing info:
First edition – 100 copies on black w/ clear green and blue splatter
Second edition – 200 copies on clear red

Nicola Ratti

Ossario 12"

Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples Ossario is a collection of ten separate and independent songs - in two volumes, available separately - introducing a new and radical composing method.

The aim is to build some kind of musical skeletons designed not to be covered in flesh and tissues, but trying to reduce everything to the bone. This double release marks the end of the journey started with 220 Tones (Die Schachtel, 2011) and continued with Streengs (Senufo Editions, 2012), focusing the research on the use of well-defined sound to be used now as a rhythmic element, now as en electronic impulse or eventually as a self-standing musical element. Simple sounds generated with magnetic tape saturation or electric pulses match with elements belonging to the language of techno music, shifting the focus away from its usual (and predictable) axis to a new (and eccentric) point of view.

Nicola Ratti is one of the artists invited to perform at Festival Presences Electronique INA GRM 2014, Paris.

Pressing info:
300 copies on white vinyl, screenprinted pvc sleeve

Hartmut Geerken

Live in Kabul 1976 2xLP

Outstanding archival recordings by Hartmut Geerken. German author, poet, composer, film-maker, and gifted musician who collaborated with John Tchicai, Sun Ra, Embryo, Michael Ranta, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, and many more.

An incredible live session hosted by the Goethe Institut of Kabul on September 22, 1976. More than sixty minutes of convulsive jams - and hypnotic obscure interludes to loop your head to - captured on reel-to-reel tape, edited and mastered for the best vinyl listening experience that will definitely prove you how free Afghanistan once was. The public too has never been this reactive, shouting and clapping and singing to the music of the quartet directed by our beloved Hartmut, who also plays piano using both the keys and the chords.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black, gatefold cover, first 20 copies come with an original copy of the program of the concert numbered and signed by the artist

No-Neck Blues Band

Furamingo Josei LP

This hidden gem - likely recorded sometime in the mid 2000's around the time they made Qvaris, according to what NNCK's Pat Murano remembers - is another astonishing output of Harlem's seven-member free-form improvisational collective.

A luminous string sprung from their collectively trepanned third eyes that will put the listener in an altered state of consciousness as erratically respirating freeform freakouts and lumbering ragas disintegrate and spontaneously re-assemble amidst dense thickets of percussive clatter. This session, previously revealed in an archival post by the always-missed Mutant Sounds blog and later recovered in a forgotten folder, has finally been mastered and put on wax for this one-time pressing vinyl edition.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Adam Asnan / Giuseppe Ielasi

Quarry 12" S/Sided

Quarry is the latest chapter in the ongoing collaboration between the London-based composer-performer of musique concrète Adam Asnan and the Italian sound artist and mastering engineer Giuseppe Ielasi.

As the title may suggest, this encounter produced a dusty sculpture whose shape has only been drafted on a stone excavated from the ground and where it is hard to distinguish the acousmatic touch of Asnan from the rhythmic textures of Ielasi.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Renato Rinaldi

Time Machine Volume IV CD

Fourth Volume of the series recorded directly from the Time Machine, a magic case containing an array of home-built oscillators activated by Rinaldi to create pulsing rhythms and noise patterns using the mixer feedback. Edited and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

"The Time Machine project was conceived in order to find a simple and immediate way to work with rhythm. I built two cheap and imprecise, almost-square wave oscillators with a wide range of frequencies. These oscillators can sweep and cross-modulate from sparse pulses to high frequency audio signals. I use a mixer to create feedback between the filters, CV and audio signals and simply record the output; there are no overdubs.” (Renato Rinaldi)

Pressing info:
200 copies

Jon Wesseltoft / Okkyung Lee

Piper 12" S/Sided

A single nineteen minute track captured live in Oslo, 2010 in the same period of the astonishing Cold Burn LP (Feeding Tube Records, 2012) recorded by the duo together with Anla Courtis and C. Spencer Yeh.

Another stringed drone ritual here - but less choral than the quartet session - where the cello and the harmonium (or the accordion organ) are endlessly chasing each other aiming to the perfect sinergy around the same tune, resulting in a deep and intense meditation practice. Exquisitely mixed and mastered by Jon Wesseltoft in Oslo, 2013.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


Delitto antico 7"

Fantamatres is the duo formed by Giovanni Donadini - former member of With Love and Nastro Mortal also known for his solo-project Ottaven - and the slang-poet Sissy Biasin, who's been active since the 70's as a pioneer of the Italian industrial scene with Teatro Satanico and Teatrino della Volpe.

Fantamatres is their weird collaboration whose output is a regional surreal poetry performed - or more often improvised - over some sleazy organ grooves and pulsing italo disco electronics. After the stunning debut tape release Contacto Salino (Hundebiss Records, 2012) this is their first vinyl release, prepared for a challenge in less than 48 hours and resulted in three real hits trying to capture the irrepressible rampage of their rare and umbelievable live acts.

Pressing info:
Limited to 100 copies on black, wraparound sleeve with lyrics

Jo Thomas

Mermaids LP

Mermaids includes four tracks composed and recorded in early 2013. The concepts of the work are built around freedom - expressed by the use of the audio ‘glitch’ - and unity framed in metaphors of water and transformation. All sound sources are mostly from the human voice.

Jo Thomas is a London-based composer teaching sound design, composition and music technology at the University of East London. Her compositional work is primarily focused on the use of human voice, microsound and technological artefacts. She has written electronic works in the studios of INA-GRM in Paris and EMS in Stockholm. She won the Golden Nica for Digital Music at Prix Ars Electronica 2012 for her work Crystal Sounds of a Synchrotron, and her album Alpha (Entr'acte) was nominated for a Qwartz 7 Award in 2011.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black

Lettera 22

Physical Point 12" S/Sided

Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two main characters in the Italian noise and experimental scene, building incredible collages of field recordings and abused dynamics.

The lucky few who attended their live set at the Dome in London for the Broken Flag 30th Anniversary - where they caused a speaker stack to fall over, almost setting fire to it - saw their potential unleashed and knows what we mean by saying that they have an incredible control of the multi-layered texture they produce. Physical Point is a perfect demonstration of this skill, where the pair builds up a simmering tension made of captured sounds and hissing tapes, keeping a grip on it with the cold blood of a snake charmer.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Les Conversions

Snowwhite LP

Second effort from this NYC trio composed by Jason Meagher (NNCK, Coach Finger), Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus, Key of Shame) and Dave Shuford (NNCK, Rhyton) after their private press self titled debut LP released on Kelippah.

An improvised ritual of metal percussion and electronic modulation recorded at Black Dirt Studio in 2012. As in previous NNCK and Decimus works there is a lot of buzzing drones and flickering electronics, just less haunting and more tripping. Nature boys gone electronic.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble

Bitter Suites LP

Deluxe repress edition of this incredible masterpiece made out of two live performances of the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble recorded in 1979 at The Showing Room in NYC and at Helen Shlien Gallery in Boston.

The Ensemble performs playing large sheets of metal and producing amazingly droning sounds. These live recordings are the result of an evolutionary refinement of instrumental design and playing techniques which Robert Rutman explored and develped after a ten year period of practice. He invented the two only instruments played by the Steel Cello Ensemble: the Bow Chime - a six foot sheet of steel formed into a horizontal curve with an iron bar attached to the top corners of the metal sheet - and the Single String Cello - an eight foot sheet suspended vertically from a stand. This limited reissue has been released in occasion of Bob Rutman's 83rd birthday party concert at Cookies, in Berlin.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Claudio Rocchetti

Pointless Vanishing Point 12" S/Sided

Back on wax after a four-year hiatus, Claudio Rocchetti gives us a one-sider vinyl assembled at home - in Auerstr. 7, Berlin - inspired by the work of Robert Smithson.

Including a sample from Trilogie de la Mort by Eliane Radigue and some sounds provided on purpose by Al Doum, Von Tesla and Stefano Pilia, Pointless Vanishing Point is a three-parted journey into the recurring environment of awkward sounds and slow frequencies interrupted by a distant sounding psychedelic interlude.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


Reelin' LP

Third act for the duo composed of Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti after their eponymous debut on Kning Disk and the acclaimed "Handcut" LP on Planam-Senufo (featured on the Wire list of the best releases of 2010).

CDJ, Sony Walkman, Revox A77 and Memory Man are the perfect instruments to create labyrinthine meta-pathways through quietly convective thickets of acousmatic sound, from spacious clouds of fuzzy electronics verging on dub imprints to water-stained electronics reminding of BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa's 'Space Finale' and more fractal, decaying bleeps nudged and frayed with a beautifully tactile intuition. Originally released on CD by Entr'acte, here it comes in a deluxe LP edition with embossed lettering on the cover and printed inner sleeve.

Pressing info:
250 copies on black, embossed lettering

Giuseppe Ielasi

Stunt (Appendix) 3x7"

Long delayed box collecting - on six sides - an appendix to the Stunt trilogy, started in 2008 with the Stunt EP then followed by (Another) Stunt and a (Third) Stunt.

The project was focused on the use of a turntable as the only source generating pulses and rhythms by phisically playing a selection of records, using a technique inspired by hip-hop turntablism. This gathering of samples results in a glitched sound texture bringing Ielasi's ambient imprint into a new dimension made of fragmented dance cadences, sometimes even adding a touch of dubstep grit to the mix. A soulful jam for a slippery dancefloor.

Pressing info:
Limited to 150 copies on clear vinyl, cardboard box set

Ghédalia Tazartès

Check Point Charlie 2xLP

Born in Paris in 1947, Ghédalia Tazartès started singing when he was twelve-year-old, creating his own language. He began a professional career in dance, theatre, cinema, while still giving some occasional concerts and publishing a few albums, each one of them an acclaimed masterpiece.

Recorded in 1989 and originally released by Aaya in 1990, Check Point Charlie is the first work by Tazartès conceived for the compact disc format and its different time boundaries. The result is a sixty-minute long collection of layered field recordings combined into a polyphonic ceremony filled by his typical multi-tracked vocals, between a gibberish scream and the muezzin's call to prayers. A unique record that - after almost 25 years - it's finally enjoyable with the depth of sound that only a vinyl release can give.

Pressing info:
First edition – 400 copies on black
Second edition – 150 copies on clear

Hartmut Geerken

At the Face LP

Hartmut Geerken is a writer, a composer, a musician, a film-maker, an actor and also a lumberjack. He travelled the world and lived in Egypt where he founded - together with Salah Ragab and Edu Vizvari - the Cairo Jazz Band and the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. He also played with Embryo, in a trio with John Tchicai and Don Moye (with whom he made an extensive tour in Africa) and also with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. He worked with Sunny Murray, Don Cherry, Okay Temiz, Peter Kowald, Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Michael Ranta, and so many more.

This longplayer captures two very different moments of his work. On side A - recorded in 1994 - he wildly plays the legendary Sun Harp, which Sun Ra gave him in Egypt in 1971 as a guarantee for the money Hartmut lent him to fly back to the States. Sun Ra promised that "he would Buy it back from him one day" but this never happened and he's still the owner of this magical instrument. The last track of this side is joined by eight basses building an enchanting chorus. On the flip, a highly meditative song split in three chapters recorded in a cave on the island of Gavdos in Greece in 2007 playing a flexible roll piano.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black, first 30 copies come with silkscreened insert signed by the artist

Maurizio Abate

Live from the border 12" S/Sided

Another beautiful trip by Italian string drone maestro Maurizio Abate, back with a new, long long track mixing two sets recorded live at Dirtmor, Treviso and at Codalunga, Vittorio Veneto during the Italian Tour with Al Doum and the Faryds.

The result is an incredible drone session starting with a hurdy gurdy building an easy groove and soon leading the listener to a multi-layered maze of sounds you'll lose yourself into. A clapping interlude will wake you up in time to let you hear a chorus singing from far beyond, introducing the second part of the journey as we slide into an enchanted forest where time will suddenly slow down.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Failing Lights

Afternoon Summer Sex LP

Solo project of long-time superstar Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes, Hair Police) building the perfect negative of his bands - but still walking a similar path of his bandmates' solo work - trading noise for quiet and jolts for scraping echoes.

Afternoon Summer Sex - so far the second LP release byFailing Lights for 2012 - is a black swamp full of analog processing, whirling drones, chiming tones and shrouded electronic crackles. A slow-pace listen of minimal repetiton that gives the idea of an eternal - and suffered - fadeout.

"If this is a trend, pinpointing when it began is probably impossible. But for me one record could be a small but vital starting point. In 2010, Wolf Eyes & Hair Police member Mike Connelly put out his first official solo full-length as Failing Lights. It's a masterwork of dark silences and tantalizing restraint. If there's something calming the noise waters lately, Failing Lights was a first drop in that direction". (Marc Masters, Pitchfork)

Pressing info:
150 numbered copies, silkscreened covers

Jooklo Danish Group

Mixture of Energies 12" S/Sided

There comes a time to celebrate and the best way is to do it with friends. So we invited our Jooklo favourites to conduct the party for our fiftieth release and they provided this crazy jam they did with Johns Lunds on baritone saxophone and Maria Bertel on amplified trombone.

On this twenty three minute long track we find the Jooklos back on their cosmic path, guided by the insane drumming and percussions of David Vanzan, electrically shocked by a Crumar DS-2 synthesizer played by Virginia Genta and shaken to bits by the Danish winds. An astonishing psychedelic free-form session recorded back in September 2010 at the Troglosound home studio and now brought to you in a very limited edition on glow-in-the-dark wax. Or maybe it's just this music which glows in the dark?

Pressing info:
200 numbered copies, one-sided glow-in-the-dark vinyl


Rock Bottom LP

The perfect basement ritual perpetrated by creepy guitars, acoustic drones, echo waves and frying amps that will bring your memory back to the first recordings of LA dungeon pysch trio Robedoor.

Previously released as a limited tape by Shawn Reed's Night People, finally this little gem sees again the light on the vinyl format it deserves - in a slightly remastered version - dressed to party in a new cover artwork by Amanda Brown.

"You were lying there in a ditch" / "What is wrong with the Universe"

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace

Scratch LP

Two sides of ecstatic noise captured on tape by Jason Lafarge at Seizures Palace, Brooklyn, in occasion of the East Coast and Midwest Tour of the Italian psychedelic tenor sax and drums duo of Virginia Genta and David Vanzan, joined by guitar wizard Bill Nace.

The music of Jooklo Duo is the most powerful expression in free improvisation, trascending every kind of stereotype and going straight to the center of Uncreated Sound. They have toured extensively in Europe and the USA, performing more than five-hundred concerts and tons of studio-sessions, collaborating with artists as Sonic Youth, Hartmut Geerken, Makoto Kawabata, Sabu Toyozumi, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, C. Spencer Yeh, John Blum, and many others. Bill Nace is definitely one of the best avant-garde guitarists active today, able to drive his guitar into distorsion - nearly breaking it - but still holding the reins. He is already known for his duo throwdowns with Chris Corsano as Vampire Belt as well as the more recent collaboration with Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance as Ceylon Mange and in duo with Thurston Moore as Northampton Wools.

Pressing info:
350 copies on clear vinyl with multi-color splatter

Key of Shame

Threnody for Marcus Junius Brutus LP

Atmospheric radical electronics at their highest peak. Key of Shame is the creature born from the collaboration of Mark Morgan (Sightings) and Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Decimus, Malkuth, K. Salvatore) revealing the black side of psychedelics.

This session has been recorded live in the WFMU Studio (engineered by Glenn Luttman) edited by Pat Murano and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. A journey through industrial minimalism evolving from bubbling metal drones into indecipherable structures of subliminal details. A perfect companion to their stunning double LP recently released by Planam. At word of your treachery, the head of Pompey is wracked with tears. The work of an unlucky XIII undone.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black


Decimus 9 LP

Seventh in a on-going series of twelve electronic meditations on the zodiac of Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395) as played by Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band, K Salvatore, Malkuth and Key of Shame.

This one is for sure the creepiest and most disturbing chapter of the series so far, with swathes of circling electronics and variously filtered vocals melting with the highest tones of misterious lullabies from somewhere far away, keeping the listeners ear firmly at ground level.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, hand-stamped covers


Iter LP

Orfanado is the duo composed of Alessandro De Zan (In Zaire, G.I. Joe) and Riccardo Mazza (Lettera 22, A Flower Kollapsed, Lago Morto) exploring the lands where Lula Côrtes left his footprint in the Seventies.

After their debut one-sided 12" released by Troglosound in 2009 - and immediately sold out - they took their time to record their first longplayer. Their sound is an incredible mix of psychedelia, folk and prog played with acoustic guitars, sitar, wind instruments, percussions and processed voices that will please all fans of Sun City Girls and John Fahey.

Pressing info:
200 copies on black

Horrid Red

Celestial Joy LP

Celestial Joy has been recorded by Edmund Xavier at Video West in San Francisco in occasion of Horrid Red first West Coast tour and first ever live appearances. As from the title, Celestial Joy is a step away from the depressive synth punk of their first releases. Instead, there is some sort of light cleaved through this album, though only a weak light can filter to the depth of the dark environment we are moving in. The recording session saw the newly established core trio of Edmund Xavier, Bunker Wolf and Clay Ruby (Burial Hex) in charge, with further assistance by Nathaniel Ritter, Tim Berresheim, Carly Flies, Catholic Pat and Christine Boepple.

Horrid Red was born as an offshot project by Edmund Xavier and Bunker Wolf of Teenage Panzerkorps exploring the arcane aspects of post-punk and new wave. After their debut 12", two killer 7-inch singles followed on Soft Abuse, featuring their bandmate Catholic Pat on drums and Clay Ruby tickling the fingerboard.

Pressing info:
400 copies (100 on horrid marbled red, 300 on black)

Teenage Panzerkorps

Kauf Nicht Von TPK LP

One step back on the timeline of half German, half American postmodern punks Teenage Panzerkorps. A collection of released, unreleased and compilation tracks recorded between 2003 and 2006, including some songs featured on the long out-of-print Nations Are Insane CD-R.

Der TPK recall the kraut-rock of Can and Neu! with a cuttin-edge lo-fi allure influenced by Savage Republic and The Ex. The result is an exclusive blend of obscure sounds and confused German vocals buried under layers of guitars, organ drone and tape hiss.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, thick black cardboard sleeve

Burial Hex

Blood Between Her Lakes LP

Remastered reissue of the long-out-of-print tape released on Turgid Animal in 2008. An incredible example of Midwest Horror Electronics recorded live during a show at the Tomb in Madison, Wisconsin.

Side A starts slow and builds to a tense and creepy crescendo of industrial devastation bringing the song to its dramatic climax aided by the metallic ring of a bell. Side B captures the unleashed rage of the performance made of crawling chains, whistling wind and metallic echoes. Amazing harsh epilogue drilled through many layers of screams of torment, rage and anguish.

Pressing info:
150 copies on black (50 copies with glow-in-the-dark screenprinted cover)

Family Underground

Dagger in the Road LP

Another chapter of the drone odissey by our Danish favorites releasing two side-long tracks of hypnotic black magic.

Side A was previuosly released on a limited tour-tape by their own label Into the Lunar Light and sounds like the musical score of a horror film sang by a gathering of hungy wolves in a windy cave. On side B the drone assault ceases to be replaced by reverbing guitars, obsessive synth melodies and echoed vocals building a psychedelic atmosphere. Released in occasion of their Italian Tour in June 2011.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

In Zaire

In Zaire 12" S/Sided

Late at night, take a walk into the woods where bushes have eyes and join this twenty minutes long celebration leading the audience to a psychedelic trance.

In Zaire recently expanded from the original three piece of Riccardo Biondetti (G.I. Joe), Alessandro De Zan (G.I. Joe, Orfanado) and Claudio Rocchetti (3/4 Had Been Eliminated, Olyvetty) with the addition of guitarist Stefano Pilia (3/4 Had Been Eliminated, Massimo Volume) touring Europe twice and taking part at Netmage Internatinal Live-Media Festival with a live re-interpretation of the soundtrack of Paper Maché, a movie shot in color during the celebration of the Viareggio Carnival between 1956 and 1967 with an 8mm camera by Bolognese cinematographer Alessandro Mantovani.

Pressing info:
300 copies, one-sided screenprinted black vinyl

Teenage Panzerkorps

German Reggae LP

Teenage Panzerkorps created a unique and special blend of kraut-punk that mixes the best ingredients taken from Neu! and Kraftwerk together with post-punk rhytms sounding like Savage Republic or Fall, but with German lyrics.

After several EPs and two LPs - Harmful Emotions in 2007 and Games for Slaves in 2009, both released by Siltbreeze - they are back with a long-awaited full lenght recorded and mixed during the last three years between San Francisco and Berlin. Still their weird punk, still merged in a echoing feedback drone, but - if that's possible - I would say that this time their rhytm section is somehow more structured.

"Teenage Panzerkorps (or DER TPK) is the raw revisit to your top eight punk records mashed with eight seminal records so obscure they have yet to grace your ear, but knowing that DER TPK was inspired enough to incorporate their aesthetic into its idea of German Reggae is a comforting first step toward discovering those allusive treasures." (Blake Gillespie, Impose Magazine)

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Available in the US by Permanent Records.


Untitled (or Estate) 7"

Second chapter of (what is hardly meant to be) a series of four singles. A special limited edition 7" featuring three new songs recorded at Wave Studio in Pesaro.

Just like in the first chapter of this series, urge is having the upper hand resulting in a harsh blast of punked-up energy. These songs have been recorded the day they were conceived, back to the primitive enthuisiasm of the band's early recordings. Edition of 300, all on silver vinyl. Beautiful pop-up cover by frontman - and illustrator - Alessandro Baronciani and free digital download.

Pressing info:
300 copies on silver

Rella The Woodcutter

Three Songs 7"

Rella is our way of Jandek. He's an outsider musician playing some kind of folkish gloomy blues that often drifts away into long, long jams. And this is the case: two sad songs backed with a dark didgeridoo meditation.

Rella spends most of his time hiding in a dark dusty basement recording solo or with the help of the Rotten Wine Company collective, which he founded and leads together with Maurizio Abate and Roberto Maggioni.

Pressing info:
100 copies on black

Squadra Omega

Squadra Omega LP+7"

Squadra Omega is a psych/avant/kraut rock collective with former and present members of the Mojomatics, With Love and Be Maledetto Now! devoted to free improvisation, psychedelic jams and mind blow ups.

It is said that all empires are built upon the ruins of previous empires. It is said that destruction breeds construction. In times of deadlocked aesthetics and stylistic stagnation the time is nigh for a destruction of the old and the construction of the new. From the rubble of a post-post modern world, Apollo is rising and he is accompanied by a tribe of psychedelic wasteland fellaheen – the Squadra Omega. The winds are shifting, the fog is lifting and a new age is a-coming. Spaceage Cubist-Free-Jazz clashes with Pygmy-Percussion-No Wave-Kraut Rock causing a sonic fusion leading to a complete derangement of the senses, an assault on the frontal lobe and permanent hallucination. This is music from the Third Eye.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black, LP + one-sided screenprinted 7"

Full album download here.

Little Gold / Ancient Sky

Split 7"

Christian DeRoeck, former member of Woods and Meneguar, is back with his third release as Little Gold which is now a full band thanks to the addition of Brian Markham on bass and Pat Broderick on drums.

After the melancholic debut LP the new songs have a new youthful and exuberant touch and Half the Time is one of those two and a half-minute pop songs that will stick to your head.

Same people on the other side, but a different sound. Ancient Sky are largely influenced by psychedelic rock and find themselves crusing the deep waters of heavy and hypnotic rock entering bizarre and far-out worlds with unique sounds and structures that walk the line between fierce and subtle.

Pressing info:
300 copies on white

Distributed in the US by Robotic Empire.

Horrid Red

Empty Lungs 12"EP

Debut release by this new project featuring Edmund Xavier and Karsten "Bunker Wolf" Scholl of Teenage Pazerkorps, with drummer Catholic Pat appearing in a couple of tracks as well.

The formula is still made of short lo-fi songs of dark and depressive post-punk, blown-out guitars, bass and fuzz organ haunted by ranting and disturbing German lyrics (and that's where Bunker Wolf made some of his best vocal work ever). Same obscure atmospheres, but we shall say this project has a slightly more delicate touch. Anyway, if you liked the Games for Slaves LP by Der TPK (Siltbreeze, 2008) you will absolutely love this one.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black

Burial Hex

Hunger 12" S/Sided

A twenty minutes concept by the dark ambient maestro inspired by Haitian Voodoo as portrayed in Maya Deren's Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti.

Growling inhuman vocals sounding like they came from the heart of a cave soaked in a creepy atmosphere settle down into a sinister melody played by an antique music box. This is when the second part of the record starts, slowly leading to a moment of horror electronics deeply influenced by dark disco. Limited edition of three-hundred copies released in occasion of Clay Ruby's Italian tour with a frame from Maya Deren's movie screened on the blank side. Cover artwork by Nico Vascellari.

Pressing info:
300 copies, one-sided screenprinted black vinyl

His Electro Blue Voice

Wolf / Worm 12"EP

After two stunning singles (on S-S and Sacred Bones) HEBV are back in the 12" maxi-single format and are now allowed to stretch out in two very long songs of dark drone and acid guitars filled with just a few frantic vocals.

Wolf starts as a straight punk song and evolves into a space odissey driven by monotonous drumming and filled by a hypnotic flute solo right before collapsing into an melancholic outro leaving us lost and confused. Worm is a wall of drone crawling and crawling for minutes and then stopping all in a sudden leaving space for another sad epilogue sang by a lonely organ. Two gems that will please all fans of Crisis and Warsaw.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

G.I. Joe

Tropico 12" S/Sided

An interior journey merging the sound of what used to be a noise-funk duo into a new psychedelic dimension exploring the world of dub music and black-influenced tribal percussion, choruses, afro beats and sitar echoes.

A neverending groovy crescendo leading back and forth from the Lightning-Bolt-alike frantic moments of their previous works to this new realm of free vibes that would rather reminds me the ecstatic voyages recently captured on tape by Sun Araw. Swirling guitars and acid tunes that will show you the way out of the desert. Cover artwork by Troglosound Art.

Pressing info:
300 copies, one-sided screenprinted green vinyl

In Zaire / The Skull Defekts

Split LP

Introducing In Zaire, the improvised live performance of Claudio Rocchetti (3/4 Had Been Eliminated, Olyvetty), Alessandro De Zan (G.I. Joe, Orfanado) and Riccardo Biondetti (G.I. Joe). They mix dub-funk rhythms, tribal percussions, indian and electric bass guitar melodies, arabic and psychedelic voices and minimal-introspective electronic sounds. The trio is at its first vinyl appearance after having been selected for the Vuoto netlabel catalogue.

On the flip, leading the way, The Skull Defekts. Given the band members pedigree (drummer Henrik Rylander was a co-founder of Union Carbide Productions, guitarist Joachim Nordwall was a member of Kid Commando, while percussionist Jean-Louis Huhta has been a key character in the Swedish underground music scene since the mid 80's) and their previous collaborations (Pan Sonic, Lasse Marhaug, Damo Suzuki and Wolf Eyes), the Swedish quartet definitely needs no introduction. Four new tracks, four new noise experiments crawling into Kraut-ish jams, industrial drums, drone machines and effects. Artwork by Marcello Crescenzi.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Gary War

Reality Protest 7"

Limited edition single made in co-operation with Sacred Bones Records in occasion of Gary War's European tour.

Two songs of modern intergalactic warped pop made of massive synths, distorted melodies and pulsing Syd-era Floyd style bass parts bubbling into watery vocals affected by pitch shifts and changing speeds. Sometimes the sound is so incredibly damaged and confused that you might get lost in ghostly waves of reverb and delay, but once you start digging in the right layers - and discover the treasure buried inside - you will find yourself singing the refrain, and your voice will sound like a hissing tape.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Available in the US by Sacred Bones Records.


Autunno 7" S/Sided

First chapter of (what is meant to be) a series of four singles. A special limited edition 7" featuring three new songs recorded by Altro at Wave Studio in Pesaro, their hometown.

Straight to the point: five minutes of offhandedly-conceived punk, sounding somehow between the awareness of their last recordings and the urge of the debut songs featured on their masterpiece Candore (Love Boat, 2001). Edition of 300, all on colored and splattered vinyl. Beautiful pop-up cover by frontman - and illustrator - Alessandro Baronciani and free digital download.

Pressing info:
300 copies on purple w/ black splatter

Claudio Rocchetti

The Carpenter LP

The work of Claudio Rocchetti (also member of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated and Olyvetty) is a deep plunge into thick sound. Using a variety of devices such as turntables, tapes, samplers, radios and microphones, the Berlin-based deejay builds compelling structures where to play with sound as matter.

The Carpenter is a layered landscape made of techno rhythms and slow melodies at the same time, going through edgy constructions and samples of choirs and strings. Featuring guest appearances by Beatrice Martini, Jukka Reverberi, Margareth Kammerer and Stefano Pilia.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Golden Jooklo Age and Peaking Lights

Collaborative LP

An incredible instrumental jam in three chapters recorded at Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York in May 2008 when the two bands met for a tour in the East Coast of the United States. Golden Jooklo Age and Peaking Lights melted their fluxes travelling the astral ways of sound and this is the postcard they sent us from the lands of future psychedelia.

Golden Jooklo Age are Virginia Genta, David Vanzan (also known as Jooklo Duo) and Luca Massolin (Golden Cup). Harmony and chaos constantly alternating in a vortex of psychic elevation and visionary power converging in parallel worlds of ancestral trance.

Peaking Lights are Indra Dunis (Dynasty, Rahdunes and Numbers) and Aaron Coyes (Face Plant, Unborn Unicorn, Black Label and Rahdunes). They use hand-modified gear, Casio tones, monochromatic drones and blissed-out synth drawing from the distorted pop of Wavves and Times New Viking to create haunting, ethereal music and beachside lullabies. Artwork by Troglosound Art.

Pressing info:
500 copies (100 on half purple / half red, 400 on black)

Blessure Grave

In the First Place 7"

After their debut 12"EP Learn To Love The Rope (Captured Tracks, 2009), San Diego goth-inspired duo comes back with a two song release pairing up te sweet sadness of In the First Place - anticipating the debut LP on Release the Bats - with Human Fly originally by the Cramps.

Founded as a duo by T. Grave (Night Wounds, Wavves) and Reyna Kay in September 2008, Blessure Grave blurs the lines between the goth, postpunk and neofolk genres. Having Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around.

Pressing info:
600 copies (100 on swirled red, 500 on black)

Phoenix Bodies / La Quiete

Split 5"

Announced as a 7inch by Level Plane but released only as a limited test press for their US tour in 2008, it finally takes shape. One song on each side and just few minutes of music captured in the smallest vinyl format.

Phoenix Bodies produce a kinetic grind with catchy riffs and thrash punk influences. Their chaotic take on hardcore has been likened to Forcefedglass, Converge, The Locust and Usurp Synapse.

La Quiete is one of the most popular italian hardcore bands, with a huge discography mainly consisting of splits with bands from all around the world. They toured everywhere and their one and only LP - La fine non è la fine (Heroine Records, 2004) - has been repressed many times in any possible format.

Pressing info:
1000 copies on black, cardboard covers with metallic embossed print

Distributed in the US by Robotic Empire.

Zola Jesus

New Amsterdam LP

New Amsterdam is a collection of four songs recorded live at WNYU plus seven unreleased songs from Madison, WI's Zola Jesus, one of the most intriguing and capable singers to recently emerge from the modern underground.

The live set features a full band backing her and sounds somehow different from the previous material, while the homemade tracks on the other side consist of walls of fuzz drum machine melting with those unique vocal-driven melodies and atmospheres. Previously released as a CD-R by Sacred Bones Records, here it comes in its remastered vinyl edition with one extra unreleased song.

Pressing info:
509 copies (69 on gold vinyl, 440 on black)
Screenprinted covers on thick colored cardboard paper

Distributed in the US by Sacred Bones Records.

Squadra Omega

Tenebroso 12" S/Sided

Squadra Omega is a project born as a free impro(bable) session combo sounding like an old drunken orchestra mixed with the noises of a 56K modem.

Tenebroso is the result of a night of sounds played together by OmegaKaanan (The Intelligence), OmegaNene (Movie Star Junkies, Vermillion Sands), OmegaMatt (The Mojomatics), OmegaG8 (With Love), OmegaMac (Apoteosi del Mistero). This session has been recorded with an eight-track cassette recorder at Outside Inside Studio during a night in May 2008. Previously released as a free download by Clinical Archives netlabel.

Pressing info:
300 copies, one-sided screenprinted black vinyl

Full album download here.

Larkin Grimm and Rosolina Mar

Collaborative 7"

Two Larkin Grimm songs and a cover of "Los Angeles" by Old Time Relijun recorded together with Rosolina Mar after having shared the stage for some shows in Italy to present Parplar (Young God Records, 2008), rightly recognized as one of the best albums of the year.

Larkin is a magic woman. She lives in the mountains in north Georgia. She collects bones, smooth stones, and she casts spells. She worships the moon. She is very beautiful, and her voice is like the passionate cry of a beast heard echoing across the mountains just after a tremendous thunder storm, when the air is alive with electricity. I don't consider her folk though - she is pre-folk, even pre-music. She is the sound of the eternal mother and the wrath of all women.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black

Movie Star Junkies / G.I. Joe

Split 7"

After the acclaimed LP Melville (Voodoo Rhythm, 2008) Movie Star Junkies come back with this split appareance building an even darker atmosphere in a neverending groovy crescendo of obscure choirs and saxophone screams.

On the other side G.I. Joe get deeper into the psychedelic, arabic tunes and free vibes of their Cobra LP (Troglosound, 2007). Find yourself headbanging to the rhytm of percussions, drum delays, echoes and balcanic reefs echoing from a Belgrade discoteque.

Pressing info:
500 copies (100 on blue and white, 400 on black), screenprinted covers

The USA Is a Monster

No More Forever 10"EP

A limited vinyl-only edition of "No more forever" released for their last European Tour together with a video featuring over 150 original drawings by Kevin Hooyman.

An epic tale of Tom and Colin singing in to a gathering of creatures and plants. All the while they are recorded by Lemurs who broadcast their recordings to all the magical forest animals and ultimately across time and space. Lyrics from Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe.

The USA Is a Monster is a two piece noise rock band based in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. They are closely related to Providence, RI's Fort Thunder and Olneyville. The band consists of Tom Hohmann (drums, keyboards, and vocals) and Colin Langenus (guitar and vocals). Originating from the bands Bullroarer and Raw Dawg Rex & The Family Nads, Tom and Colin were squatting in Charlottesville, VA and became involved in a communal space known as the Pudhouse. Intent on recording and writing, they quickly tore through a half dozen lo-fi recordings and styles. Their interest in getting bands from other collectives to play the Pudhouse led to connections that began a five year tour. Pursuing more complex songs with every passing year; each new set of material has improved in sound quality and depth of meaning. Colin's penchant for stoner rock and Tom's immersion in Native American culture produce a uniquely American form of music. Both Tom and Colin have been involved in the production of the touring theatrical projects Elvish Presley and Black Elf Speaks.

Pressing info:
333 handnumbered copies, one-sided screenprinted black vinyl

Ovo / Claudio Rocchetti

Split 7"

The dark mist of guitar scrape and crunching drums of Ovo meet the cinematic musical landscapes of the deconstructivist deejay Claudio Rocchetti (3/4hadbeeneliminated, Olyvetty).

Two songs by the duo composed by Stefania Pedretti (Alos, Allun) and Bruno Dorella (Ronin, Wolfango) recorded with Jason La Farge at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn during the Crocevia (Load Records, 2008) recording session and one track of old records and dusty analogue instruments sounds by Claudio Rocchetti, anticipating his forthcoming LP.

Pressing info:
500 copies (100 on red, 400 on black), screenprinted covers


Megalöklift CD/LP

The five-piece from Verona follow up to their self titled 7inch with half an hour of twisting noise-rock and punk made of stabbing guitars rapidly shifting time backed by layers of sharp sinthesizer. Less scream and more rock, stealing a glance at the Seventies psychedelic haze.

Recorded in Padova at Blocco A by Giulio Favero and Giovanni Ferliga, mastered by Riccardo Gamondi at Fiscerprais Studio near Tortona. Comes wrapped in a wonderful swan-shaped pop-up cover by talented illustrator Alessandro Baronciani, printed with metallic purple ink.

Pressing info:
CD: 500 copies
LP: 500 copies (100 on clear w/ white or black splatter, 400 on black)

Neil On Impression

L'oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempre CD/2xLP

Twelve tracks of intense resonance that for sure will please all fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This Will Destroy You and Dirty Three.

What Neil on Impression - now a eight-piece band - present in this record is a real masterpiece of instrumental rock that builds towards intense climaxes and evolves into fully-orchestrated movements combining harrowing guitars with piano, cello and violin using their typical shifting, give-and-take song structures.

Pressing info:
CD: 1000 copies
2xLP: 500 copies (150 on blue and green, 350 on black)

A Flower Kollapsed

Brown Recluse 10"EP

A Flower Kollapsed started as a fast and violent hardcore band but is now moving in a new realm of bleak noise and dissonant mathcore.

Brown recluse is a gloomy forest where the band is nimbly toying with thundering sounds, snarling noise and loud pealings. Seven new astonishing songs resulted from a fruitful session recorded with Giulio Favero and Giovanni Ferliga at Blocco A in Padova. Highly recommended to fans of Daughters and Converge.

Pressing info:
500 copies (150 on black w/ grey splatter, 350 on black)

But God Created Woman / Talibam!

Split 7"

Memories from the European Tour shared on June 2007. How can anybody be other than enthusiastic in front of such a clash of dissonant and slightly disturbed music on both sides?

But God Created Woman jump on your ears with chaotic tunes belonging to the no-wave scene raised by bands like Arab on Radar and Ex-Models.

Talibam! start their song with the core line-up Shea-Mottel (drums and synth blurbs) and get filled by guest appearances by Anders Nilsson (Aorta), Jeremy Wilms (Chin Chin, Def Jux Records) and Mike Pride (Fushisutsha, Trevor Dunn, John Zorn) leading them into a psychedelic jam session. Artwork by Tommaso Gorla.

Pressing info:
500 copies on black


L'ipotesi della stipsi 12"EP

The debut release from this band featuring members of Revolution Summer, Laghetto and Summer League teaming up to produce a monument of disgrace and rage made of acid blurbs, heavy guitar riffs and blasting drums.

This work could well fit as a soundtrack for a space trip. Offering a cohesive, unsettling experience this record explores the sound pioneered by the likes of such bands as Neurosis and Breach adding a gloomy haze of desease. Awesome artwork curated by Ratigher for a full-color picture disc.

Pressing info:
500 copies, one-sided picture disc

Dead Elephant

Lowest Shared Descent LP

This record unleashes the most aggressive side of the Elephant.

A loud sonic assault in forty minutes, recalling the energy of noise bands like Unsane, Cherubs, Jesus lizard or even Colossamite and the psichedelic attitudes of Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster and Neurosis. It all comes together to create an ever shifting sonic landscape that holds you tight and never lets go. Featuring Luca Mai of Zu filling sax on Postcrucifixion and guest vocals from Eugene Robinson of Oxbow on Same Breath. Artwork by Marco Corona.

Pressing info:
500 copies on 180g vinyl (250 on purple, 250 on black)

To the Ansaphone

To the Ansaphone 10"EP

To the Ansaphone had been active from 2000 until 2004.
With a sound between new wave and late 90's San Diego punk - something absolutely new in Italy at that time - they literally drove everybody crazy.

After releasing a self titled 7" (Heroine Records, 2001) and a full lenght CD (Heartfelt, 2003) band members spread all over the world and their live activity ceased. In spite of this, three new songs were recorded between their home base and the studio during last five years - with long, long breaks - and after a long mastering process have been collected in a very limited edition on vinyl only. Artwork by Mirko Smerdel.

Pressing info:
300 copies on black


Aspetto LP

Third album by Altro - the impulsive punk band from Pesaro - after Candore (Love Boat, 2001) and Prodotto (Love Boat, 2004).

Eleven new songs that will pass throughout your hears rapider than ever, in only seventeen minutes. Post-punkish hits sounding like a teenage band covering The Cure or Joy Division in an echoing basement. You don't know why, but you will soon find yourself singing these songs under the shower (no matter if you don't even understand the lyrics, since Alessandro himself re-invent them during each live show).

Pressing info:
500 copies (50 on white, 450 on black), gatefold sleeve

What Price, Wonderland?

Thirty With a Wink CD

First full lenght by this three piece from Nottingham, England. They play some kind of noisy post punk reminiscent of bands as Polaris, Minutemen, Moss Icon and so on, adding some DC Revolution Summer influences.

Quiet and loud parts succeeding each other continuously, now filled with spoken words, now with yelling vocals. At times it sounds like they have a gun to their heads as the vocals struggle to keep up with the music, slowing down only to bring some grooves and some twinkles before upping the urgent shaky beat again.

This is quite a mature LP. It seems weird saying that about a bunch of boys barely out of school and short trousers, but you don't hear many albums that are as tightly bound as this, a ball of mad energy that at times just rolls to a halt and becomes introspective and thoughtful. - Andy Malcolm, Collective Zine

Pressing info:
600 copies, cardboard sleeve


Afraid! 7"

Treat this one as a teaser, as the band already started working at their full length, due in 2008.

Waiting for the long player to be recorded Afraid! provide us three new songs bringing their sound to another level from the previuos efforts of the debut EP and their split with A Flower Kollapsed. Somehow darker and heavier, somewhere between Crimson Curse, The VSS and Notorius, always mixing these influences with a personal touch of punk rock and dance punk. Artwork by Canedicoda.

Pressing info:
500 copies (100 on clear green, 400 on black), screenprinted covers

A Flower Kollapsed

Orsago CD/12" S/Sided

Finally comes the debut EP from this fool psychedelic hardcore quartet from North-East of Italy.

Compared to their first works, this is what we can evenly call a revolution. These ten tracks - in only seventeen minutes - are going to leave you breathless and flirting with the idea of how intense the live experience of this band can be. Imagine something between Transistor Transistor, With Love and - of course - Jimi Hendrix.

Pressing info:
CD: 300 copies, gatefold sleeve
12"EP: 500 copies, one-sided screenprinted black vinyl

Afraid! / A Flower Kollapsed

Split 3" CD

Two unreleased songs from each band in a tiny plastic piece packed in a beautiful cardboard sleeve - with an illustration by Tommaso Gorla - printed on rough Modigliani paper.

Afraid! play somewhat recalling bands like The Death of Anna Karina or Blood Brothers being at the same time more hypnotic. Their smashing hit Varenne, Varenne is an insane mix of guitar riffs and keyboard-driven melodies filled by yelled frantic vocals.

A Flower Kollapsed take the anger in hardcore and mix it with insane drumming beats, sounding somewhere between Daughters and early With Love.

Pressing info:
500 copies, cardboard sleeve


A Hundred Times Mannaggia CD

Five lo-fi pills, or maybe just simple frenzy. Pure energy blown out in a ten minute match between Van Pelt and El Guapo.

Everything here sounds like a high school basement project: simple chord progressions, simple lyrics and simple vocal melodies, but yet there are some original twists that make this threesome do-it-yourself band something unique.

Pressing info:
500 copies, handnumbered

Fine Before You Came / As a Commodore

Split CD

A night with friends. Two rock sonades - in forty minutes - each one split in three chapters.

Overall you will find the sound of both bands changed. Fine Before You Came songs structure gets more complicated and darker moods contaminate their melodies. As a Commodore are now miles away from the hardcore tunes of their debut EP taking a new melodic and choral approach with these new songs.

Pressing info:
1000 copies


My New Lifestyle CD

Uber define themselves as an "istant-rock" band. We honestly don't know what this means - at least we are not sure - so all we can say is that their songs result filling essential forms and repeating melodies with some jazzy saxophone notes, scrambled guitars and nervous drumming jerkily sobbing here and there.

Patterns, weak-throated vocals, muddied basslines. Sometimes you might have the feeling that the music just doesn't go together, with the guitar playing is way out of sync with the bass and the drummer playing on a completely different time signature, getting on your nerves.

Pressing info:
500 copies

K.C. Milian

Self Titled CD

Debut EP by this instrumental rock band from Genova collecting five new songs recorded after their acclaimed CD-R released in Italy by Marsiglia Records in 2002.

All these songs will drive your memory back to those 90's American Football melodies, with a twinkling guitar repeating the same cute little chords over and over letting the bubbling bass play. Think of bands like Explosions in the Sky or Tortoise, add a trumpet and some buried (and shouty) vocal now and then.

Pressing info:
500 copies

Bias Illumination Over Diffracted Hearts

Compilation CD

Pressing info:
1000 copies

Present and Future

  • Henning Christiansen
    Mediterranean Music Water LP
  • Henning Christiansen
    Schafe statt Geigen / “Verena” Vogelzymphon 2xLP
  • Andrea Penso
    Ad Invisibilia LP
  • MP Hopkins
    Coupla Triples LP